Female orgasm

Follow me as I take you on an exploration of the full female orgasm

The female orgasm is very different from the male orgasm and while the male orgasm is primarily expressed in the moment of ejaculation, the female orgasm is more complex. Overall an orgasm is a bodily reflex that occurs when stimulation of the erogenous zones leads to contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. The reason orgasms feel so good is because oxytocin and endorphins are at work, both of which make people feel good and are released during orgasm.

In most women's sex lives they've only experienced vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms at best, and there are actually multiple orgasms that are similarly new territory they've never ventured into before. Next we'll talk about the different kinds of orgasms women have and offer some tips to help you achieve it.

Vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasms I also refer to them as penetrative vaginal orgasms. The sensual zone inside the vagina (mainly the A-spot) is stimulated primarily by the penis or other penetrative sex toys.The A-spot is located deep inside the vagina near the cervix and can produce intense orgasms. To reach the A-spot, you and your partner must be in a deep penetrative position, the simplest of which is the missionary position. You can also experiment with different angles to find the perfect combination to stimulate the A-spot. As the pleasure builds up and the stimulation continues, you can experience a wave of intense orgasmic pleasure, which is also known as an A-spot orgasm, a vaginal orgasm.

Clitoral orgasm

Women who masturbate regularly must be aware of clitoral orgasms. The clitoral tissue is actually like the cavernous body of the penis in that it can become erect when stimulated. There are over 8,000 nerve endings on the surface of the tiny clitoris, making it a very sensitive erogenous point. Most women masturbate by stroking the clitoris with their fingers for pleasure and orgasm, making the clitoral orgasm the easiest orgasm to achieve.

If you're tired of the sensation of fingers, you can also try sex toys; there are now a wide range of sex toys for the clitoris, including a variety of vibrators and clitoral suction cups (the Rose toy combines the functions of both). Try teasing around the clitoris with your fingers or a sex toy, gradually increasing the force and speed as you get used to it, until you reach orgasm.


Female orgasm

G-spot orgasm

Research on the G-spot is still inconclusive, with some scholars believing it to be a separate sex organ like the clitoris while others believe it is part of the clitoral network of nerve endings. But the general consensus is that the G-spot is located in the front wall of the vagina at a depth of 3-5 centimeters.What makes the G-spot orgasm different is that it produces explosive, intense pleasure.

Of course, to reach the G-spot orgasm is not an easy thing, relying solely on penis insertion is difficult to stimulate the G-spot, even if you can occasionally touch, due to the lack of sustained stimulation so it is difficult to reach orgasm. The best way is to use your fingers or some ergonomic insertion vibrator. First, make sure you are fully aroused and lubricated, then with palms up, insert 1-2 fingers into the vagina, inserting 2 fingers into the navel and doing the "come on" motion. The body to feel the fingers to stimulate the G-spot feeling slowly increase the amplitude and frequency of action, you can not hold out long will be orgasmic.

Nipple orgasm

Nipple orgasms are not for everyone, although the nipple is also rich in nerve endings, but everyone is not the same level of sensitivity to nipple stimulation, for those women who are not particularly sensitive to nipple stimulation, it is too difficult to achieve nipple orgasms, but it is not completely impossible.

Start by gently stroking the nipple, gradually increasing the pressure and intensity. Experiment with different sensations such as licking, sucking or using nipple clamps or vibrators, and most importantly it needs to be combined with other erogenous zones for stimulation. Don't forget to stroke your clitoris while stimulating your nipples, stop clitoral stimulation when you're about to reach the tipping point and concentrate on your nipples. With the combination of multiple sensations there is a high probability that you can orgasm as well.

Anal orgasm

As for anal orgasms, many people have never tried anal sex or anal play or can't even comprehend anal orgasms. The biological explanation is because the anus and rectum are very close to the vagina and clitoris, separated only by a layer of perineal tissue. In addition, the anus is connected to the pelvic floor muscles, which also support the vagina. The same nerves and muscles can be stimulated during anal sex to trigger an orgasm.

Anal orgasms can be done in two ways and only two ways, penetrative anal sex with a partner using insertion sex toys (vibrating anal plugs). It is important to use plenty of lubricant during anal sex and anal play or risk injury. Unlike the vagina, which is self-lubricating, no lubricating bodily fluids can be produced in the anus. Anal sex relies primarily on stimulation of the perineal tissues near the vagina and clitoris for orgasm.

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