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How to play role-playing in bed, how to do more fun and exciting

Today when unpacking the delivery, my boyfriend was watching TV next to me, he glanced at the props I took out of the carton soft whip, handcuffs, uniforms froze.

"See all this, it's all coming to you tonight." I said as I unwrapped them.

The boyfriend seemed to understand what was going on and started acting up, putting on an unbearably humiliated expression, "As you wish, Sir."

Yes, I'm ready for an exciting role-play.

how to role play during sex?

Role-playing is generally referred to as a costume game, a social activity between people, where they can have fun as well as an unforgettable experience by playing the role.

Participants interact in virtual stories, playing their respective roles, which can be done in any form through games, performances, psychological guidance, etc.

There is a role-playing and these are different, is the erotic role-playing, can also be said to be the practical version of sexual fantasy.

Doing it during sex can be a fresher erotic experience and more psychologically stimulating.

Role-playing does not require good acting skills, it just requires getting into the role and remembering "who am I? "What should I do?" These two questions will be enough.

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This game for the pleasure of the service also do not have to consider the logic is not strict, the plot is reasonable, this is your story, everything is taken for granted.

If the plot requires, prepare matching costumes and props to have a more immersive experience.

Be careful to distinguish between virtual and real. In order to avoid getting too deep into the drama, it is best to set a safe word with each other before starting, and to disengage from the virtual role and abort the action immediately when you say the word.

If you feel the lack of imagination and do not know what to play, then continue to read on.

Is there any ready-made script?

There are still many role-playing scripts, such as these combinations, which are all from a girl's point of view, but can be switched at will.

Some are my own tried and true, some are as exciting as they sound, you can refer to copywork.

Suppose in the post-apocalyptic battlefield, you are a human officer, the other side is infected completely zombified, he is red-eyed to lunge at you, you can not dodge a moment to be jumped to the ground;

Suppose you are a tutor and are helping a student with one-to-one tuition and you see him deserting and you decide to give him a little punishment;

Suppose you are a doctor preparing to help a patient with a ligation operation and his penis surprisingly starts to raise its head when your cold rubber glove touches his body;

Suppose you are a debtor who owes you a huge debt that he cannot pay, but he has a perfect flesh;

Suppose you are a police officer and he is a prisoner in custody who refuses to confess under severe torture, when you come up with another solution;

Suppose you are a human, he is an animal, any cat, dog, fox or badger can be, he wears a collar on all fours to walk slowly towards you;

I'm a little excited to talk about it, so why don't you pick one and expand on it?

sex roleplay

prison guards prisoners play

In the dark room, the prisoner sat paralyzed in an iron chair, covered in blood, his wide prison uniform now disheveled and broken.

The guards found it an eyesore and raised their hands to easily rip off his prison uniform, exposing his healthy honey-colored skin to the air at once.

"You still won't talk, will you? Your mouth is still tough." The prison guard finished as if he thought of something and laughed meaningfully.

The next moment, the cold, hard baton hefted the object between the prisoner's legs, "I just don't know if it's as hard as your mouth."

The prisoner seems to be unable to endure such stimulation, low humming out, breathing instantly becomes rapid, can not help but bow up, that place also reacted.

The guard removed his tie, tied the prisoner's hands behind the back of the chair, knelt down and began to play with the prisoner's vulnerable spot, watching it slowly swell red and become hot as a branding iron.

"But I'm not disappointed, it seems you are also enjoying it, beg me and I will satisfy you." The guard finished tightening his hand and speeding up his movements.

The prisoner's eyes were confused and he whimpered out, "Please... Give me... Please..."

The guard laughed lightly, sat crotch down on the prisoner and sank back to sit.

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