Rose Toys Thrust Bullet Vibrator

Is This Rose Vibe your cup of tea?

Is this Rose Vibe your cup of tea? Social media is so powerful nowadays that successful hype can make something set the whole internet ablaze quickly. So it seems that the Rose Vibe is a success, whether there is a demand for it or not, out of curiosity people are clamoring for this rose shaped sex toy. If you've lost interest in the original Rose, inyarose is here with the first "fresh roses" of spring. Our newly designed Rose Vibe will bring you more pleasure than ever before.

A little rose toy interlude

I don't know if you were a tiktok user in 2021, but if so you should have witnessed the rise of the Rose sex toy. One video, countless hashtags, and a frenzied buzz, it was perhaps the most successful hype in the sex toy space. So did it live up to its name or not, many women claimed they had multiple orgasms in just a few minutes, such was the power of the Rose Vibe.

For a long time sex toys were seen as taboo, and it's very rare to have a big open discussion about them on the internet. People are boldly discussing their experiences with them, giving advice to newbies and being brave enough to try new sexual experiences. I don't deny that there are many problems with this toy, but Rose the toy has kind of made some contributions to the advancement of sex toy normalization.

Also, I think part of its rise has to be attributed to the cov-19 pandemic, alienating and isolating people at home, and apparently couples and singles finding new pleasures from sex. Figures show that sales of sex toys, condoms, and other sexual products increased dramatically during the pandemic, and even more outrageously, fertility rates saw an uptick in the year afterward. It was against this social backdrop that this innovative sex toy came into the limelight. I would like to believe that there are a lot of people who have never tried a sex toy before and now its first sex toy is definitely the Rose Vibrator. Curiosity drive is the most powerful motivator. Well, with all that said, it's time to introduce our protagonist of the day and meet the double-ended clitoral vibe that will blow your mind: the Rose Toys Thrust Bullet Vibrator.

Rose Toys Thrust Bullet Vibrator

This is a 3-in-1 sex toy with 3 functions: vibration, sucking and thrusting. It has a soft and delicate petal and clit sucker on one end, and a g-spot vibrator on the other end that can be used for teasing and thrusting stimulation. It provides the ultimate in enjoyment whether used alone or with a partner.

rose vibe

How is it used?

It is designed with dual motors and dual ends with two buttons to control the functions of both ends. When you press the top button you can turn on the sucking function, accompanied by gentle vibrations can give your clitoris enough stimulation. Of course it is not only for clitoris, but also for nipples and other sensitive areas.

Pressing the lower button turns on the thrust and vibration functions, suitable for insertion into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot, or anally if you're interested.

In addition, it has a lanyard in the middle of each end that is long enough to be perfectly suited for two people to use at the same time, making it perfect for flirting between couples. It also has a magnetic charger that charges very efficiently and is very convenient.

3x the pleasure

With 3 functions in one rose, the Rose Toys Thrust Bullet Vibrator is dual-ended, choose the one you prefer and customize your experience. It has about the same intensity of stimulation compared to the original rose vibe, but it has more features than the original rose. Its other end resembles a bullet vibrator and is perfect for external or internal stimulation.

Lots of functions

This toy has a very wide variety of setting combinations, it has a 10-frequency sucking mode plus 3 intensity vibration and thrust modes. What's exciting is that these settings can be used at the same time, which means you can mix and match as many combinations as you like - that's the beauty of dual motors. You can also turn on both ends at the same time, with one end stimulating the clitoris and the other inserted into the vagina to stimulate the g-spot, and feel the pleasure of mixed orgasms, which is definitely something no other product on the market can do.

Secret toys for you and your partner

Most people think of couples' sex toys with remote control, but it can be done without remote control to allow two people to participate in this sexy game at the same time. For example, the two of you sitting face to face, two each holding one end of the toy can enjoy both the pleasure of the toy stimulation can also witness each other's expression changes, which is also another kind of pleasure.

Enter through the backdoor

The Bullet End Vibrator is not only suitable for intra-vaginal stimulation but can also be inserted into the anus as an introductory level anal sex training tool. It also has a leafy texture on its surface, which provides more friction and enhances the level of stimulation. Of course with the transition between vaginal and anal, care must be taken to clean the toy. Additionally, plenty of lubricant must be used when using it on the anus to avoid injury.

See what inyarose customers have to say!

This Rose Vibe has been a hot seller for us for a long time. Many of our customers have given it very high ratings after using it, see what they say.

My boyfriend is jealous

absolutely in love w my thrusting rose! this is what i look forward to on saturday nights lol my boyfriend hates it but this thing is no joke. the orgasms are out of this world. can't wait to build up my collection! the orgasms are out of this world. can't wait to build up my collection!

It's very effective

Oh, my God The delivery was very fast and I was very surprised when I received the product. The product quality and the ability to work are better than I expected. I started to try it and it gave me a strong reaction --- Tracy Ruskin

the best toys

does everything it says it does. it came sooner than expected. the rose is one of the best toys my husband and I have played with. --- Nelson Patrick

Our rose is definitely the brightest one this spring, and the best part is that he won't wither away with time, it will keep on giving you pleasure, you deserve this gift.

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