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My Rose Toy Doesn't Work, How Do I Troubleshoot It?

From time to time, our customer service agents receive questions from our customers about Rose Toys that are not working properly, such as, "Why won't my Rose Toy start", "Why won't my Rose Toy charge", " How do I fix my Rose Toy". Today we have categorized some of these problems and provided some detailed solutions. These solutions are not just for our products, they are applicable to most of the rose toys on the market. We hope after reading this article your Rose will work properly.

It is important to read the instructions carefully

Any product comes with an instruction manual, which details the functions of the product, how to use it, how to charge it, and even how to care for it, as well as the precautions to be taken when using it. Reading these instructions in detail before you use it can solve most of your problems.

There are some customers feedback that the rose toy can't be activated, actually it's the wrong activation method. Different rose toys have different activation methods, some need to press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate, some press and hold the button for 3 seconds just to activate, you need to release the button and press it again to activate. It is important to note that some rose toys don't show any indication after 3 seconds of long press activation, which will make you think that it doesn't work, but in fact he will start working after you press the button again.

Are the connections dusty?

Before attempting any other troubleshooting steps, check the connection between the toy and charger for dust. These dust particles may cause poor contact affecting charging. Also check the charger and the toy itself for signs of damage. Make sure everything is okay before you start charging.

How can I tell if my Rose Vibrator charger is working properly?

The first thing to do is to check if the power adapter and charging cable are firmly connected and if the magnetic charging base is tightly connected to the rose. Usually it is tightly connected, if it is loose please adjust it to the correct connection position.

When everything is ready to connect to the power supply, under normal circumstances there will be an indicator light will light up and start flashing, this means that the toy has begun to charge. If there is no indicator light on then the charging cable may not work or the toy may be faulty. In this case you can try a different charging cable.

Some rose toys use Micro-USB charging cable which is common with Android cell phone, you can charge them through computer. However, there is a problem here, the USB power supply may be unstable when the computer is in hibernation state, which may cause the charging time of Rose Toy to be much longer, so make sure that the computer is in the power-on state when charging through the computer.

For those Rose Vibrators that are charged using a charging base, make sure they are placed smoothly to prevent poor contact that could cause charging to fail.

Sometimes the charger doesn't work properly it could also be that the extension cord plug board you are using is faulty, try plugging it directly into a wall power source to see if it charges properly.

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Check that the rose toy is fully charged

If it's been half a month or even more than a month since you last used your Rose, your toy is probably dead. When a rose toy runs out of power there is a noticeable decrease in vibration and sucking, or even a sudden stoppage in operation. If you don't use it for a long time, you also need to charge it at intervals, the charging time doesn't have to be too long, half an hour will do. This will have a protective effect on the battery and prolong its life.

Check the rose itself

Check the rose toy itself for breakage, especially in the two areas of the bottom and the sucking hole. If there is a breakage inside the sucking hole, it will not be able to stay airtight and the sucking power will be greatly reduced or even non-existent. Don't pick it with your fingers when cleaning it, it's very fragile inside. If there is dirt inside him, just rinse it with water or wipe it with a cotton swab to clean it.

Also, you can shake it to see if there are any rattles inside from parts coming off or to see if there is any water seeping out. If there is a loose bottom, water can get inside the toy during cleaning.

Check for electrolyte leakage

Although this is a rare occurrence, it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen with some inferior products. This is a serious health hazard that you must handle with care. The first step should be to turn off the device and it is recommended that you do not touch the leaking electrolyte with bare skin as this can have harmful effects. Step 2 Dispose of the toy properly and do not use it again. The third step is to find the toy supplier and ask for a solution or compensation program. If it is our product we will be responsible to the end, but as of now we have sold out a large number of products also never had a customer to report this situation to us.

Rose Vibrator not charging enough?

A customer has given feedback that her rose, after charging overnight will still have the charging indicator blinking as if it is charging. There are two possibilities like this: the charger may be faulty or the rose itself is faulty. If the voltage at home is unstable, it may also lead to inefficient charging. You can check from these aspects.

Just bought a rose that won't work?

If it still won't start even after you've made sure you've used the correct startup method or eliminated all possibilities of malfunction, then it's most likely that the product itself is defective. No manufacturer dares to say that their products are 100% free of defects, so if this small chance has happened to you, you can only blame it on bad luck. But don't worry about this situation you can always contact the store and ask for a refund or a new one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rose Toys

Q1: How long does it take for Rose Toys to be fully charged?

A: Different rose toys have different charging time, most of them can be full within 3 hours.

Q2: Do I need to charge the toy for the first time?

A: Yes, you need to fully charge the toy for the first use.

Q3: Can Rose Toys drown?

A: Most rose toys are waterproof, not excluding the possibility that some are not waterproof, check the instructions to confirm.

Q4: Can I use Rose Toys while charging?

A: No, we don't recommend you do that.

Q5: How do I know the Rose Vibrator is fully charged?

A: Most rose vibrators have an indicator light. A light that is always on means it is full, and one that is blinking means it is still charging.

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