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When making love, why do most girls like to turn off the lights?

I often hear many guys ask: Why do I always have to turn off the lights when having sex with my girlfriend? Indeed, in the small matter of turning off the lights or turning on the lights, everyone feels differently. Some people feel that the lights can see each other's reactions, sex will be more exciting; some people are more accustomed to not turn on the lights, because in the dark without having to worry about can play ...... This is what we want to talk about today, why most girls want to do with the lights off, while most guys want to turn on the lights to it?

Lack of self-identity

American sex psychologist Dr. Cindy Moston found that even after years with a partner, women still worry about their lack of attractiveness, their bodies, their skin, and even the moles on their bodies, all of which make women feel anxious, and turning off the lights, relieves this anxiety in girls. The Daily Mail has also reported that according to a global survey, nearly 70% of girls like to have sex with the lights off. What is the reason for this?

have sex

Lack of sexual experience

Lack of sexual experience is actually not only sexual life, in the face of no experience, zero experience of things or situations, the most common manifestation of people is worry, anxiety, fear of a situation they can not handle, or is not performing as well as expected, affecting the other party's impression of their own, evaluation, and thus affect the continuation of the relationship.

Body Anxiety

Daily body anxiety affects both men and women, when they are naked and relative, their bodies are difficult to avoid being exposed to each other's gaze, so it is reasonable to care about the body, but when the care becomes anxiety, it is a little excessive.
 For example, girls in sex, usually worry about their own body is not perfect, lying flat after the face is not good, this worry is very normal, but do a few more times will find, in fact, the other party will not care so much about these things, he cares about your response, is the intimate contact between the two sides, is the communication with your soul and flesh. In fact, the lack of confidence in their own behavior or body reflects a sense of low self-worth lack of self-identity psychology, this time we need to do is to identify themselves, accept themselves, of course, if you just feel that their body is not good enough, you can make some efforts to improve, such as fitness shaping, if only anxiety while not acting, this is really not necessary... ...

Girls are more sensitive, more shy. 

Generally speaking, women like to turn off the lights for sex, because women are more sensitive to tactile stimulation, like caressing, darkness will make its attention focused on the feeling of caressing. With fewer distractions around them, some girls are able to take full advantage of their sense of touch to focus their attention on the sensation of caressing, so it's easier to get into the best shape. This is the same reason why the hearing and touch senses of blind people are more sensitive than normal people. On the other hand, some women feel embarrassed because of their shyness and are more open to turning off the lights. This is very understandable, girls are generally more introverted than men naturally, more likely to be shy some.

To meet the girl's beautiful fantasy of sex.

Turn off the lights after the quiet dark room, will bring a sense of security and mystery to the girl. This feeling in addition to allowing girls to fully experience sexual pleasure, but also let them enter a sexual fantasy. Inside that fantasy, the bed becomes a beach, the cool air blowing out of the air conditioner becomes a breeze with the smell of sunshine and sea water, and the body that looks a little blurred outline, began to turn into their fantasy face, Leonardo, Pete ...... swimming in these fantasy scenes, will make girls more excited, thus unknowingly In the other hand, because girls are more natural than boys, they are more likely to be more excited. On the other hand, because girls are naturally more introverted and shy than boys, and the dark environment, can minimize the sense of shame. Especially in this situation for the first time, turning off the lights can make them more open. In fact, whether it is men or women, in the naked relative, more or less will be a little apprehensive about their own body, especially girls. This time, if you just let the girls do not care, it is actually very difficult. Most girls are very concerned about their partner's evaluation of their own, so if this time the boy can praise his partner more, it would be great. In fact, between turning on and off the lights you can have other options, such as night lights, such as scented candles and so on. The key to the question of whether to turn on the lights actually lies in whether you can communicate with your partner, whether you can give each other enough appreciation and praise, as long as you know how to create some romantic atmosphere.

have sex

In addition, there are many girls who always put themselves on the side of scrutiny, worrying that they are not fit enough in the eyes of their partners, forgetting that intimacy should be a mutual choice and attraction.

One research study showed that:
 Women who don't feel anxious because of their bad body shape have a high chance of reaching orgasm in their sexual act of more than 80%; while those women who are always worried about their body shape have only a 42% chance of reaching orgasm during sex. In other words, how your body actually will not affect the quality of your sex life, more likely to affect the quality of your sex life, is your recognition of yourself.

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