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Guide to Cleaning, Maintaining, and Storing Different Types of Sex Toys

In the era of sexual liberation, people's openness to sex is also deepening, and with it, sex-related industries continue to grow and develop, sex toys are one of them. But today we are not going to talk about the development of sex toys, but rather an important topic related to the health of every sex toy user, that is, the cleaning and maintenance of sex toys and storage. Cleaning sex toys is not like simply washing kitchenware and putting it on the stovetop. It's something that comes into close contact with our private parts and you have to follow strict cleaning and sanitizing. But when it comes to various types of sex toys, many people are not able to be as specialized as the experts. Next we will delve deeper on this topic and teach you how to properly clean maintain and store your sex toys.

What's the point of clean sex toys?

If you can think you know what happens to you when a sex toy comes into close contact with your body if it has all sorts of disease-causing bacteria on it. Cleaning your favorite sex toys effectively prevents bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms from accumulating on the surface of your sex toys. And clean sex toys won't cause irritation, allergic reactions or infections when they come into contact with your body. At the same time, you'll also have more peace of mind when you know your sex toys are clean, and don't have to worry about potential risks when using them. Finally effective cleaning also extends the life of your sex toy.

sex toy cleaning

How to clean sex toys

Cleaning of sex toys cannot be generalized as it is very diverse and different types of toys are cleaned in different ways. First of all, it is important to distinguish between porous and non-porous materials. Porous materials usually include fabrics, leather, hard plastics and rubbers such as thermoplastic rubber (TPR), thermoplastic elastomers (TRE) and jelly rubber. On the other hand, silicone, metal and glass are non-porous materials. They are usually easier to clean effectively and less likely to harbor bacteria. So try to choose non-porous materials when selecting sex toys, most inferior products use porous materials.

Soap and warm water are suitable for cleaning any sex toy and are sufficient for non-porous toys, but porous toys may require a few more steps. Choose a mild, unscented soap, otherwise you may get a strange smell of soap on your toy. Simply apply the soap to the toy, scrub briefly and then rinse off the suds with warm water then leave it in the shade to dry, this solution will clean off 90% of the germs. You can also boil the toy in water if you want to sanitize it completely, but it's only suitable for sex toys made of silicone, ABS, metal and glass. Be aware that boiled sex toys are very hot, remove them with tweezers and don't try to quickly cool down your glass sex toy with cold water, it will probably destroy it. For porous toys you need to buy a special sex toy sanitizer, dilute it and put your toy in it to soak for a while.

Also you have to find out if your sex toys contain electronics and if they are completely waterproof. Most sex toys contain electronics, except for some dildos or anal plugs. Check the toy's instructions, they are labeled as waterproof or not, most are not. Take extra care when cleaning these toys. Many people will use a dishwasher to clean their sex toys, which is a great idea but only for non-electric sex toys.

Maintenance and storage of sex toys

This is a job that concerns the longevity of sex toys. Proper maintenance and storage will protect them better and prolong their life. For toys that don't contain electronics, all you need to do is put them in a storage bag in a cool, dry place. If the toys are battery-powered, you need to remove the batteries to avoid the risk of battery leakage. If the toys are rechargeable, the built-in batteries will slowly drain if they are not used for a long time, so you will need to recharge them every 1-2 months to protect the health of the batteries.

Silicone and TPE, TRE material toys can be sprinkled with a layer of talcum powder or sex toy-specific powder on its surface before putting it into the storage bag to keep it dry and the surface material performance. Especially this kind of soft material need to avoid heat or direct sunlight, otherwise it is easy to accelerate the aging.

Finally in terms of storage is a concern for many people. If you live alone that's fine, but if you live with your parents or have a few roommates then you have to be careful about storing your toys or you'll be the one embarrassed. My advice is to store your toys in any lockable boxes, cabinets, or drawers to avoid people accidentally finding your treasures.

Well, these are some of my insights on cleaning and maintaining the storage of sex toys, and I hope you find them helpful!

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