Sensory Play

Beginner's Guide to Sensory Play

Although you're not familiar with the term "sensual play," you've already been exposed to activities related to it without realizing it in your daily life. Everyday actions such as giving your partner a massage or playfully spanking them fall into the category of sensual play. Today we're going to talk about what sensual play is, how sensual play in sex works, and how it can help you sexually. We hope this beginner's guide to sensual play has been helpful.

What is sensory play?

Typically sensual play is categorized into regular sensual play and kink sensual play, where the goal is to transfer physical sensations to a partner for the purpose of sexual arousal. It is also a type of BDSM, for example, the familiar whipping is also a type of sensual play. Sensual play can can be mainly categorized into the following 5 types:

Tactile: A variety of props and techniques are used to stimulate your skin to produce an itchy or painful sensation.

Visual: some impactful images to elicit excitement or deprivation of vision to enhance other aspects of the senses.

Olfactory: use aromatherapy and essential oils to stimulate your olfactory nerves into shape.

Tastebuds: tantalize your taste buds with flavorful foods.

Auditory:Stimulate your sense of hearing with erotic audio or music, or allow yourself to enter a silent world.

The Meaning of Sensory Play

The great thing about introducing sensual play into sex is that it enriches your sexual experience through a variety of sensual stimulation. When it comes to connecting with your body, sensual play provides you with multiple avenues of connection and helps you explore your body better.

Sensory play represents a form of domination, and while it may be one of the ways to engage in BDSM, it emphasizes sensation, pleasure, and reward, but is in no way about pain and punishment, or about pain or punishment at all.

How to Explore Sensory Play

Once you've learned about sensual play and still think it's something you and your partner would enjoy, then why not try it at home with these gaming tips below to help you have a better experience.

Try sensory deprivation

The best form of sensory play for beginners is not sensory deprivation. When one of your senses is deprived your other senses become sharper. Just like blind people, their sense of hearing is more acute than the average person. You can use this property to create a very intense sensory experience. You can use a satin or silk blindfold to blindfold your eyes and experience this sensation.

Eliminating the sense of hearing is also another great way to explore sensory deprivation, and you can use earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to help you achieve this. Think about it, when you're having sex with your partner you can't hear each other's moans and other sounds, and can only observe each other's expressions and other reactions visually, which can can be another fun stimulus for you.

inya sex toy

Temperature games are good too

Heating goods up and cooling down can bring a degree of irritation, especially when it comes to the skin. Temperature play in sensory games is a favorite of many players. For beginners, massage oil candles are a great place to start. Melted wax can be used as a massage oil to provide a gentle and soothing temperature to the skin. If you want to experience more intense stimulation, try wax therapy with low-temperature candles, where warm wax is dripped onto the body for an even more intense massage.

Or try the other extreme and bring the temperature down, ice is the best prop. Hold the ice cube in your mouth and slowly run it across your partner's chest. You can also chill your sex toys to try something different than usual.

Mobilize your taste buds

It's an innovative way to perfectly associate sex with food. Appealing to your taste buds with a variety of foods can also create a pleasurable experience during sex play. Things like whipped cream, figs, strawberries, chocolate sauce, and jumping jacks all work. Apply whipped cream or chocolate sauce to your partner's sensitive areas and then gently lick it with your tongue for absolute enjoyment!

It is important to note that these foods should only be used on the skin and should not get inside the vagina, otherwise they can easily disrupt the balance of bacteria in the vagina as well as the pH balance.

happy and painful

If you like to combine pain with pleasure, then exploring sensory play through pleasurable pain can be very stimulating and varied. Pain implies insecurity, so it is important to be careful about the intensity of this activity. Shock play is a safe way of pleasurable pain such as spanking, whipping or caning. Start with unarmed spanking, then gradually transition to using leather gloves, and finally incorporate a variety of impactful accessories. Nipple clamps are another tool to consider. If you enjoy stimulating your nipples, nipple clamps can be both painful and pleasurable.

Like to be tickled?

This is a great program for those who like to explore sensory play in a gentle way. The key is that you need to find a soft tickler, such as a feather. Or you can run your fingers across the other person's body as if you were there to get a similar tickling sensation.

Final words

Although sensual play is a type of BDSM, it does not involve rudeness, vulgarity, or violence. Concentration is the trick to this game, focusing on the physical sensations, feeling the other person's reaction and enjoying the pleasure it brings.

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