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As a woman seeking a one-night stand, follow these 6 tips

Are you interested in a one night stand? Most people answer in the affirmative. If you exclude the constraints of morality and commitment, it's hard for anyone to resist the excitement and novelty of a one-night stand. As tempting as one-night stands can be, I want you to consider the safety of yourself and your partner. In order to have a sexy and safe one-night stand, you need to know the following.

Why are people so keen on one-night stands?

I'm speaking as a woman's perspective, first and foremost, it's a sexual desire. With the openness to sex, many women whose sexual needs are not being met are looking for one night stands. Most of these women have been sexually unfulfilled for a long time and are separated from their partners, and they will seek to fulfill their physical needs through one-night stands. For a woman in this situation I usually recommend that she invest in a sex toy to fulfill her sexual needs through masturbation.

Similarly women are naturally curious like cats, after experiencing sex will be good gas with men other than their husbands what is the feeling of sex, with this idea more and more strong, one-night stands will naturally happen.

In addition women are all very angry and impulsive and when she fights with her husband she acts like a child and does irrational behavior or out of revenge relieves her emotions by having a one night stand. They basically make decisions on impulse, but usually regret it afterward!

Finally, loneliness should also be one of the reasons that motivate women to look for one night stands. For single women it can be very lonely at night, but they don't really need much in the way of sex, they just want company, they just want to sleep at night with someone beside them, and one night stands fulfill that need.

And for men it's so easy, it's hard for them to say no to a woman who comes to them for free. Psychologists tested nearly 1,000 men and women. Two attractive men and two attractive women each approached a member of the opposite sex in a public place and said, "I think you're very attractive and I'd like to spend the evening with you." It was found that 100 percent of the women said "no" to the situation, while 75 percent of the men thought they had gotten lucky, and another 25 percent said "no" only because of their current partners. The researchers further found that after having an affair, women were more likely to alienate themselves from their original partners, while men were more likely to be able to enjoy the pleasures of a different woman.

Actually, one-night stands aren't safe.

What is a one night stand is when two people who have absolutely nothing to do with each other get together one night and continue to have nothing to do with each other the next morning. It may not sound like a big deal, but there is always some risk involved in sleeping with a stranger. This is because you are dealing with someone whose physical condition is unknown, whether they have a history of criminal behavior, and whether they are psychologically twisted. For your safety remember these 6 tips.

Don't disclose information about yourself to the other person

Protecting your privacy is very, very important in a one night stand. Don't put your reputation in the hands of a stranger, you shouldn't want this incident of you sleeping with him to spread among your neighbors your co-workers your friends. You can be Lily you can be Zoe but definitely not yourself. If you don't want to be harassed afterward, then don't give out your contact information or address. After all, two people who go their separate ways the following day don't need to cross paths too much.

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Tell a trusted friend where you are.

It is recommended that you choose a hotel as your date location and share your location in real time with your most trusted friend. Don't set your appointment at the other person's home for safety reasons, as you don't know if there will be any strange devices or dangers waiting for you. You may also consider asking them to check on your status at the agreed upon time. Making sure someone knows where you are and is vigilant is a great extra safety measure.

As a woman don't reach out to each other

Please don't do that silly thing of calling each other the next day, that's not the way to treat a one night stand. The reason why you should try not to leave each other's phone numbers is so that you don't get treated like a casual fwb, which is very low self-esteem. But if the other person is acting like a gentleman and you are happy with him and want to keep him as your fwb, then only leave the other person's phone number and don't leave your own phone number for him. In short, get the mastery of the sexual relationship.

Establish communication ahead of time to understand physical conditions

One of the main troubles with one-night stands is catching an STD in the meantime. As soon as your hookup becomes ambiguous, seize the opportunity to have a conversation, discussing your expectations for the night, as well as expressing the importance you place on safe sex. See if the other person's reaction is worth the sacrifice of your passion for the night. Don't forget to ask when he was last tested to make sure the other person is in good health. While such a conversation may be a bit awkward, you have to do it to keep yourself safe.

Remember to bring your own condoms to protect yourself

Do a good job of physical and mental preparation beforehand, go out and check your body before dating a man, remember to spray some perfume, don't eat garlic and other heavy-smelling foods, and wear sets of sexy underwear. It's best to bring your own condoms to avoid the other side of the unprofessional unprepared. Although this is common sense, it is still important to remind you that the so-called safe sex means using a condom the whole time, not until the last minute.

Stay awake throughout the process

The use of drugs and alcohol is very common in this process of one night stands. If you are new to this, I can understand that you need to borrow a little courage to take this step through these means. But it's not a safe practice, and drinking alcohol and using drugs can make it difficult for your brain to make the right judgment about the situation at hand. If you have to do this, make sure you control the dosage. We can't rule out the fact that some bad guys will sneak some powder into your drink. Don't take the drink offered to you lightly. If you find the situation wrong try to get out or call the police for help.

Final Words

One night stands are meant to be a one-time thing and are all about self-centered enjoyment of the process. So you just enjoy it while staying safe. Please note that the chances are that you will not cross paths in the future so please don't get emotionally attached so that you don't get yourself hurt. Lastly, I hope you all enjoy a safe and passionate one night stand.

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