Kick Off Your New Year's Sex Drive

Kick Off Your New Year's Sex Drive With 6 Sex Decisions

Dear Sisters, 2023 is about to become a thing of the past, have you thought about all those things you want to do at the beginning of the New Year? I am talking about sexual things. In the past you may not have had a reason to make resolutions, but at this point in time, the New Year can give you the courage to make some hard-to-decide sexual decisions. That's one of the reasons I love New Year's Day. Don't hesitate to follow your heart and make the most of your New Year's sexual activity. For this reason I've got 6 sexual resolutions for you and tips to achieve them, pick a few that work for you!

Lose Your Virginity

If you're an adult, you can make your own decisions about your body. If you're expecting to lose your virginity, go ahead and do it, with a focus on finding a reliable partner. Losing your virginity on New Year's Eve might make it easier to make up your mind and allay your fears. However, the first sexual experience may not be as great as you think. Having sex for the first time is no small thing for anyone. In some ways, it opens up new worlds. For girls getting ready for their first time, it's a curious, tantalizing, and dangerous event, so keep the following tips in mind.

  • Choosing the ideal partner
  • Choose a familiar setting that makes you comfortable, not a hotel
  • Prepare condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies
  • Have some lubricant on hand to make penetration smoother and less painful.
  • Be alert for abnormal bleeding; small amounts are normal.
  • Do the aftercare and urinate promptly to clean your vagina.

Reward your partner with a blowjob

I realize that not every woman is comfortable with oral sex. But the truth is that when you and your partner are in a mutually supportive relationship, oral sex can be enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver. Not to mention your partner, every man will enjoy you giving him oral sex. It's in the genes to accept it, and when you're buried in his crotch and working hard, they look at you with an inexplicable sense of conquest and enjoy the sensation even more than the physical pleasure. So reward him with a blowjob as the New Year approaches and you kick off a whole new sexual activity.

Try anal sex.

Many people think of anal as just an outlet rather than an inlet. But anal sex is not exclusive to men or gays, everyone with an anus can try it. So please don't be ashamed that you, your partner or anyone else wants to try anal sex or enjoys it. It's brave to try and a lot of people have benefited from it. If you think you don't like the feeling big deal stop halfway. In order for you to enjoy anal sex better, follow the tips below.

  • Must be agreed upon with your partner
  • Clean your anus and perianal hair in advance
  • Prepare a lot of lubricant, the anus is not self-moistening channel
  • Don't use anesthetic creams. Pain is the best stop sign.
  • You can practice with anal plugs if you're scared, and our Rose Anal Plugs will definitely satisfy your needs!
  • You should also be the controller if you are the receiver, controlling the speed and depth to ensure your comfort

Invest in a sex toy

Whether you are single or not, sex toys are always good for you. Investing in a sex toy as your New Year's gift will be the first right decision you make in the New Year. Some surveys have shown that women who own sex toys are significantly more sexually satisfied than average. If you are single and crave sex, sex toys can soothe your empty heart every night. If you have a partner, the introduction of sex toys will open up new possibilities in your sex life. Sex toys are not competitors to your partner but allies.

Whether it's a dildo or a clitoral toy, it makes us feel great and increases circulation. Continued use increases oxytocin (the "love hormone") as well as other "feel good" hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. For example, Inyarose's new Tulip Lady Clitoral Vibrator is perfect for newbies. When investing in sex toys, you must recognize reliable brands, don't neglect quality and safety and after-sales service for the sake of cheapness.Inyarose is not only a seller but also a manufacturer and designer, we are committed to providing safe and efficient products and excellent customer service for so women.

Inyarose's new Tulip Lady Clitoral Vibrator

Seeking a one-night stand

Don't always remain resistant to one-night stands. A survey by Durham University showed 54% and 85% of men felt okay about one night stands. If you are single, I would encourage you to try one. In fact, one-night stands can be positive experiences for many reasons and may benefit you. But if you're married or have a boyfriend, I hope you don't forget about the commitment between you.

One night stands are a good way to explore sex, enjoying romance and passion while both partners are in love with each other. Sexual activity in the New Year always requires some freshness, a feeling from the unfamiliar that is difficult to obtain otherwise. But there are risks involved in one-night stands, as I explain in detail and provide guidance in my article "As a woman seeking a one-night stand, follow these 6 tips".

wrap up

I appreciate the transformative nature of New Year's Day. It's like a reset button on our calendars, giving us the opportunity to recalibrate our mindset and prepare for the upcoming year. Let these 6 sexual decisions kick-start your exciting sexual activity in 2024. Cheers to your decisions, inyarose Happy New Year in advance.

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