Period Sex

Embrace the Flow: A Guide to Enjoying Period Sex

Do you want to try period sex, but don’t know where to start? Today we’re going to discuss why people are attracted to period sex and what are the benefits of period sex? risk? And how to start period sex correctly.

Why are people attracted to period sex?

So why are people attracted to period sex? Menstrual sex has never been mainstream and, to some extent, can be taboo. People are always attracted to things they cannot do. Some studies have shown that menstrual periods can cause changes in hormones and body odor, which could theoretically increase a woman's attractiveness. Of course, some people may have blood kink or be curious about unknown areas and want to try menstrual sex.

Are there any benefits to having period sex?

1. Relieve pain and spasms

Relieve pain and vaginismus. During sex, some hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin will be released, which will produce a sense of pleasure and excitement in the body, and at the same time relieve certain pain and spasm symptoms.

2. Comes with lubrication

Menstrual blood during menstruation can reduce friction and increase lubrication. Reduce discomfort and friction during sex. During menstrual period, you can have sex faster without additional lubrication.

3. Increase stimulation

Some people believe that menstrual periods bring an extra stimulating feeling. During the menstrual period, blood flows to the genital area, which will be more sensitive and you may be able to feel stronger pleasure. Some people's sexual desire will further increase during their menstrual period, so they can feel a more intense and exciting sexual experience during sex.

Are there any risks during menstrual sex?


Sex during your period, like regular sex, still carries the risk of infection and disease transmission, so it's important to take protective measures. This not only protects yourself but also your partner from the risk of infection. It is necessary to clean before and after. After all, immunity will be reduced during menstruation. It is very important to clean the vulva well, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of some bacteria or inflammation.

2. Pregnancy

It is still possible to get pregnant if you have sex during your period. Although, the risk of pregnancy during menstruation is less likely than at other times. But there is still a possibility. So, don’t take it lightly. If you don’t plan to have children for the time being, or don’t have such a plan, it’s important to take appropriate protective measures.

Period Sex

How to properly try menstrual sex?

If you want to try sex during your period, here are some tips:

1. Open communication

Before trying menstrual sex, communication with your partner is essential. Express your wishes and what you want to do, and express your demands to your partner. Communicate openly about the benefits and risks. However, if your partner is reluctant to do this or is afraid to try it. Please don't force it, respect your partner's wishes and understand her. If your partner agrees but feels uncomfortable during the process, it's also important to respect their wishes.

2. Get Clean (or Have Bathroom Sex

Sex during your period can be messy, so it's important to prepare accordingly. If you don't want your sheets to be contaminated, you can prepare a disposable sheet or sex blanket in advance. This way you can focus more on sex and have a better experience.

Or you can choose a place that is easy to clean, such as the bathroom. You can choose to have sex with your partner in the bathroom. In this case, even the mess is easy to clean up, and you can relax and experience it. An added bonus in the bathroom is that cleaning afterwards is easy. They can also bathe together to clean each other's bodies.

3. Take out the tampon

Don’t forget to take out your tampon before having sex during your period, otherwise you may not be able to take it out if it hurts so much. The only option is to go to the hospital to seek help from a doctor. I know you don’t want to be so embarrassed.

4. Aftercare

Aftercare during menstrual sex is very important. We should pay more attention to hygiene and cleanliness than usual. Clean your body parts more carefully, especially the genital area, to avoid the growth of bacteria and inflammation.

5. Use sex toys

Selective toys during menstrual sex are also a good idea. It is not only safe, effective but also hygienic. It is very convenient and easy to use whether you are with a partner or alone. There are so many options for sex toys today, and they come in a variety of materials, colors and types. However, cleaning toys well, whether before or after, is not only responsible for your own health, but also can extend the service life of toys.

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