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6 Ways to Inject Intimacy into Your Weekend with Your Partner

Weekends are the best time for couples to enhance their relationship. They can temporarily put aside some trivial matters and worries at work and life, and spend a romantic and interesting weekend together. Arranging weekend plans can not only enhance each other's relationship, but also add a sense of ritual to the matter, allowing you to look forward to the weekend for a long time. Here are 6 ways to have a romantic and fun weekend.

1. Exercise together

It's helpful to schedule time and plan workouts together. It is very helpful for both physical and mental health and sex. You can have a better sexual life experience. The endorphins, oxytocin and other hormones produced during exercise can also increase your sense of happiness. Exercise together can also cultivate sexual intimacy and further increase the relationship between two people.

2. Make travel plans

Make a travel plan for your weekend. It can be made by two people together, or it can be a place your partner has always wanted to go. Make a plan and give him a romantic surprise. Embrace nature together, breathe the beautiful air of nature, look at the beautiful scenery, and experience new humanity together. Create beautiful memories that are unique to you together. Release stress and experience a new life in a new environment.

You can also make a wish list together in your free time. Write down the wishes and goals you want to accomplish on your list. Working together to arrange and realize this is something that is full of a sense of accomplishment. It can also make two people more clear about each other's future goals.

3. Arrange sex life

foreplay sex

Schedule sex on your calendar. Maybe you're confused about scheduling sex and think it's better if sex happens naturally. However, this is not the case. Arranging sex life can give each other more time to prepare for this sex life and give each other a little surprise. It can also make the frequency of sexual life healthier and help maintain emotional stability.

You can also arrange to take a bath together or massage each other before and after sexual activities. Can promote each other's sexual arousal, increase sexual excitement and sexual tension. Imagine putting foam on each other's bodies in the bathroom, rubbing each other's backs and cleaning each other's bodies. Touching each other's skin and sensitive areas, the bathroom is filled with the fragrance of shower gel. Focus on this and enjoy the physical and mental pleasure together.

4. Romantic date

When it comes to weekends, a romantic date is essential. The prerequisite for a romantic date is to make a plan that satisfies both parties. Common weekend date ideas include having a candlelight dinner together and taking a cooking class,watching movies, going to music festivals, picnics, spring outings, etc. Choose your favorite date ideas and have a romantic and fun date.

You can develop a hobby together, such as cooking, dancing, musical instruments, sports, etc. Choose activities that interest both of you for long-term development, and arrange activities regularly. This can be a great help in promoting feelings and intimacy, as well as a common topic of conversation.

5. Try new activities

Trying out new sex ideas and fantasies can add new levels of sexual excitement and stimulation to the bedroom. For example, you can try sexual fantasies, BDSM, role play, sex toys, etc. These new sexual thoughts can also broaden your understanding of sex, and you can also learn more about your own preferences, likes and dislikes, etc. However, as a novice, my suggestion is to start slowly, don’t rush for quick success, and choose activities with risk factors at the beginning.

6. Give each other new surprises and excitement

How to maintain a sense of freshness and mystery in a long-term relationship requires new things and adventures. For example, you can buy a sexy outfit that's a completely different look than your usual look. And choose the right place and time to seduce or ignite your partner's sexual desire. Of course, you can also buy new sex toys and add them to your daily sex life to add excitement to your sex life and enhance your sex experience.

Or, you can also prepare some surprises for each other in small things, such as giving your partner some small gifts, whether it is a holiday or not. It is also a good idea to choose to spruce up your bedroom, such as buying new mood lights, scented candles, playing sexy music, and decorating the bedroom with small items.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to spend a romantic weekend, and you can choose based on your preferences. Make weekend plans that can increase sexual intimacy, physical and mental health, relieve and release stress, and enhance mutual affection and trust. Find a new life on the weekend and spend a romantic and fun weekend.

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