Benefits Of A Good Sex Life

We usually think that sex is just for pleasure, but it also provides physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Sex can burn calories, increase heart health, and help relieve pain and stress.

In order to get a return, how much love should I have?

Psychologists explain how sex can help you. A healthy sex life has many benefits.

"We believe that sex is for pleasure, reproduction and intimacy." Dr. Privett said, "This is my dream." "Many people haven't realized how good sex is.

The doctor said, "If you want to gain benefits through sexual intercourse, you should have sexual intercourse at least once or twice a week."

If you have no agreed relationship, you can get the same result.

"You can tell from your body what feels good and what doesn't." Dr. Privett said, "This is my dream." "Reduce stress."

If it is difficult to reach orgasm, it is common in women.

Don't worry.

Dr. Privett said: "Healthy sex can improve self-esteem, self-confidence and the ability to experience happiness." "But it also helps to build bonds with spouses and cultivate emotional intimacy.

Are the advantages of women different from those of men?

For women or those designated as women at birth (AFAB), sex can exercise pelvic muscles and help regulate urinary incontinence and bladder.

Dr. Prewitt explained: "The more times women have sex, especially when they feel pain at that time, the more helpful it is for vaginal lubricants."

Orgasm or ejaculation is of great benefit to men or people designated as men at birth (AMAB).

The doctor said: "This study shows that it helps to reduce the risk of prostate cancer." "Whether with your spouse or through masturbation.

And the benefits of a healthy sex life.

Burn calories

According to a study, sex can be an appropriate exercise, burning about 150 calories per hour. But don't give up the membership ticket of the health club.

Dr. Prewitt said: "In order to maintain the health of adults, the American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of proper aerobic exercise every week while carrying out muscle strengthening activities such as weight regulation."

Dr. Poyter added: "Sexual intercourse can also strengthen other muscles in the whole body."

She said: "According to people's creativity, they can work in different muscles." "It can really be a sport."

 Helps heart health.

According to a study, women who have frequent sexual life are less likely to experience cardiovascular events in the future.

"Sex can enhance your endurance." The doctor said, "This is my dream." "Like exercise, people who have sex often pay attention to their heart health. They eat better.

But this study warns that frequent sexual relations will increase the risk of cardiovascular events in men, which is contrary to previous studies.

Dr. Privett suggested: "The risk of heart paralysis during exercise will increase to people with heart symptoms. It is very important for men to talk to their doctors about the risk of heart paralysis during sexual relations."


Help your immune system.

According to the survey, the saliva of people who have sex once or twice a week contains more immunoglobulin a (IGA). The antibody is helpful to prevent diseases and prevent strains of virus (HPV).

When you reach orgasm, your body will release oxytocin.

"It can make you really sleep." Dr. Privett said, "This is my dream." "If you sleep well or get enough sleep, it helps to strengthen the immune system because your body gets the rest necessary for recovery.

 Relieve pain

And then secrete endorphins. This endorphin is a natural analgesic for your body.

The research results show that people with migraine or headache can have sex to relieve pain.

It can also help those who feel pain.

remove pressure

Cortisol is the main stress hormone in our body. If you are under pressure, the cortisol value will rise.

However, studies have shown that people who have had sex or are close to their partners find that cortisol values drop to the normal range.

The secretion of oxytocin and endorphins can help your body lower cortisol levels.

Dr. Privett said: "There are other ways for people to get happiness or happy experiences that have nothing to do with sex." "If you have a partner, you can't do it, but you will be emotional because you are still doing what you like. Building relationships with people you trust and support is also good for mental health.

It is important to pay attention to safe sex through condoms or other forms of contraception. Unprepared sex can increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

If you think that sexual intimacy is often uncomfortable, Dr. Privett suggests that you consult a primary care provider or a mental health professional.

However, whether you have sex with your spouse or masturbate, long-term physical and sexual health can be compensated.

Trust thruster

If you have sex with your partner or alone more often, you will look younger. This is partly due to estrogen secreted during sexual intercourse.

A study shows that there is a relationship between frequent sexual activity and obviously looking young between the ages of 7 and 12. Most of them also like to express their sexual orientation and identity.

social welfare

Thanks to oxytocin, sex can help you build a relationship with each other. Oxytocin can help us develop our relationship. You will find that continuous and mutual sexual pleasure helps to enhance relationships.

Generally speaking, when husband and wife satisfy each other's sexual desire, the satisfaction of the relationship will be improved. If you can show your sexual desire, you can find positive development in your relationship.


Sex is an important factor in life and overall happiness. In interpersonal relationships, orgasm also plays an important role in intimate relationships. Sexual life can reduce the risk of heart disease, improve self-esteem, and bring physical and emotional benefits.

You can get similar benefits even if you don't have sex Sports, interaction with pets, friends network and other happy activities will also have the same benefits. Sex is just a means to improve the quality of life.

But if sex is a part of your life, it is also important to communicate sexual satisfaction with some kind of relationship or desire. Making love can increase the sense of liberation and happiness !

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