save a sexless marriage

What is the best way to save a sexless marriage?

The latest statistics found that 26% of couples are experiencing "sexless marriage", "no sex life" has become the second largest cause of divorce, accounting for more than 30% of the divorce ratio.

Marriage is meant to be a community of love and sex, and the absence of sex in marriage is often a precursor to divorce and a hidden danger to marriage. These are directly related to the lack of sex education in our marriages. And then it is not very difficult to improve the sexless marriage skills, the main reason is that most couples don't know and understand how to improve it. Here are a few effective ways to get out of a sexless marriage.

1. couples should hug each other more

Psychology has found that two people have nothing to do with more hugs, touch each other, from no sexual desire for physical contact, will slowly develop a sexual feeling, which is the best start for sexless couples.

Massage is also a great way to start by getting rid of each other's sore shoulders and necks and fatigue, and when both bodies are able to relax and feel soothed, they will naturally want to engage with each other further.

2. the treatment of couples of sex to be easy and relaxed, after all, this is the freedom of couples, and has nothing to do with moral

Married life must break the taboos or stereotypes of sex in your head and not think that sex is dirty, shameful and bad. Slowly, only then will you enjoy the sexual act. Physically, you must also relax, women should not be afraid of masturbation, through masturbation can be a good way to explore the sensitive areas ;Also don't be afraid to perform oral sex or do different caresses for your significant other. Let go of self, learn some new sex skills, so that both parties can have a breakthrough in sexual cognition and enjoy different fun.

3. to take the initiative to teach your partner how to love you

Take action yourself and teach your partner how to love you, don't think the other person should have to know it all, tell them exactly what you like and what you don't like. For example, where your erogenous zones are, where kissing and caressing will make you comfortable and aroused, and how it will make you uncomfortable or in pain. When communicating, while it's important to be direct and honest, it's also important to be gentle and courteous, and to consider whether or not the words will hurt the other person.

4. To maintain and set aside time for dates and deliberately create a world of two people

Make time for dates with your partner just as you would for work work, rather than letting your sex life be sacrificed forever. For example, a certain time on the weekend, or a certain night during the week, is a time for two people to go on a date and have sex, don't let other things take over. Sex isn't just a physical thing, it's an art, a game for two people, and if it's not run, it certainly won't work out well.

save a sexless marriage

5. Seek change and often create a sense of freshness

Male sexual behavior is a very physical, direct sensory stimulation, like different feelings, different time and place, there are different variations and patterns. This is very different from women's preference for romantic, stable emotional relationships.

Therefore, it is best for both parties to get to know and adjust to each other. For example, the occasional trip to the motel or redecorate the bedroom and Introduce sex toys in the bedroom, can bring men great excitement and freshness. For women, men should be attentive to the management of foreplay and rituals, thoughtfulness and tenderness is a source of excitement for women.

6. Exercise more with your significant other

Scientific studies have found that the brain is a sexy wake-up call, and exercise can help to energize it. Go for a gentle walk or swim with your significant other. Talk to each other while you exercise and build up your relationship. Sex is physically demanding, and a good exercise routine will make you stronger and more interested in sex.

But women shouldn't be too concerned about their bodies. Studies have found that 78% of women are so unhappy with their bodies that they can't enjoy sex.

7. Face up to your problems and those of your marriage and face them together

Partners must be open and honest with each other and talk about their problems in order to have further communication and deal with them. Studies have found that as many as 1/3 of women have never had an orgasm and 1/3 of men have problems with premature ejaculation and impotence but are afraid to tell each other.

It is advisable for partners to watch mild sex movies together and find in them topics that they can discuss with each other, talk about their feelings, and in turn talk about the problems they encounter.

8. Seek psychosexual counseling and treatment

Contemporary sex therapy guru Mast once famously said, "Sex is a two-person affair; if one person is bad, the other will not be happy." Therefore, sex between lovers, if it can not be resolved after mutual discussion, it is best to seek professional help together, the treatment will be more effective.

For example, if a man has erectile dysfunction, he actually needs his wife to be there to arouse his sexual desire and ignite it. A woman's low libido or fear of pain also needs her husband to fully understand, with love and patience to resolve.

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