try anal sex and how to do it right

Why you should try anal sex and how to do it right

When discussing anal play with individuals who have penises, there's often more enthusiasm and openness. However, the attitude shifts when it comes to people with vulvas.

If you have a penis, you possess a prostate, and the use of toys for stimulation can lead to mind-blowing orgasms. Prostate stimulation is universally regarded as intensely pleasurable, irrespective of one's sexual orientation. Below, there are some tips on how to explore this sensation.

Yet, for those who have vulvas, it's common to have questions. Why explore anal stimulation when the clitoris and vagina already provide pleasure?

Here's why.

Try Anal Orgasm

As anal play gains popularity across various genders and sexualities, it's essential to understand that all orgasms stem from the same physiological occurrence: rhythmic contractions of the pelvic floor muscles.

The distinction between an anal orgasm and other types, such as G-spot or penile orgasms, lies in the nerve pathway involved in achieving them.

Exploring anal play offers a unique opportunity for pleasure, potentially unlocking a different route to orgasm by engaging a distinct nerve pathway.

For those interested in this experience, we have introduced a new anal plug set, Rose Anal Plugs. Available in three sizes, large, medium and small, the kit offers a user-friendly way to explore this avenue and discover the pleasurable sensations associated with it. Understanding your body and why this specific nerve pathway can be so enjoyable is a key aspect to consider.

If you're a Vulva-owner

The primary nerve pathway for achieving orgasm typically involves the external clitoris, a highly sensitive area easily accessible. However, both the vagina and anus are densely packed with nerve endings. Engaging in anal play takes you through a nerve pathway that feels more internal, intricate, and captivating.

Some individuals report that anal orgasms tend to be more robust and intense, likely because the stimulated nerves reach deeper pleasure points within the body. There exist interconnected nerves between the rectum's wall and the vagina, so stimulating the anus can create sensations felt in the vagina as well.

Additionally, the extensions of the clitoral nerves reach back into the anus. Properly exploring anal play effectively becomes another method to stimulate the vagina and the network of nerves linked to the clitoris. As a result, the resulting orgasm feels profoundly satisfying, given the depth of sensation experienced.

Rose Anal Plug

If you're a Penis-owner

The most straightforward pathway to achieve orgasm is through penile stimulation. However, the prostate, a small gland contributing to semen production, is also highly sensitive and can be stimulated to induce orgasm.

Similar to individuals with a vulva, the entire anus of someone with a penis contains numerous nerve endings. When penetrated, these nerves in the sphincter and rectal walls become highly stimulated. Yet, the real highlight is the prostate, situated roughly two inches inside the rectum.

The appeal of prostate orgasms stems from various reasons. While a penile orgasm typically results in 4-8 pelvic contractions, prostatic massage can yield approximately 12 contractions. Another advantage is that an erection is not necessary to achieve this type of orgasm. Additionally, prostate orgasms have a shorter recovery period compared to penile orgasms, potentially enabling multiple orgasms in quick succession!

How to play at your own level

To be honest, diving into partner play might not be the best route for trying to experience an anal orgasm if you're new to exploring anal pleasure. What you need is time, a good amount of lubrication, and a beginner-friendly toy that feels non-intimidating.

Our latest product, the InyaRose Anal Plug, is making waves online for all the right reasons. Not only does it boast an appealing aesthetic, but it's also an exceptional choice for those delving into anal exploration:

Featuring an external design resembling an olive, it has a tapered front section and a broader center. Inside, steel balls add weight to encourage the contraction of surrounding muscles, intensifying stimulation. The base is intricately crafted to resemble a delicate rose, creating a blooming effect when inserted into the anus. Its single size allows for easy insertion, enabling users to find their comfort level at their own pace.

What distinguishes this toy from others is its tailor-made design for beginners. Its robust build and carefully considered curvature aim to simplify the process of locating the pleasure points that lead to heightened arousal during anal stimulation.

Pro Tips

When exploring anal play, whether with a toy or a penis, here are some essential tips to enhance pleasure and ease into achieving orgasm:

Prioritize ample lubrication

Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn't produce its own lubrication. Apply lube generously to both yourself and the toy/penis to avoid discomfort or tears in the rectum.

Ensure you've had a bowel movement before indulging in playtime

Waiting for about thirty minutes to an hour ensures you're comfortable and distraction-free during anal stimulation.

Consider stimulating your genitals beforehand to increase blood flow

For those with a vulva, having a clitoral orgasm before engaging with an anal toy can enhance engorgement and heighten pleasure.

Experiment in different settings

While the bed is a great starting point, waterproof toys allow for exploration in the shower or bath. The warm water can be relaxing and facilitate a comfortable experience.

Take it slow

Allow your sphincter muscles time to adjust. Gradually introduce the toy, to ease into anal play comfortably.

Remember, the pathway to orgasm varies. Anal play may offer a deeper sensation compared to clitoral or penile orgasms, which tend to feel more focused on the genitals. Many find anal orgasms to be more immersive and full-bodied. If this sounds appealing, don't shy away from exploring anal play. With time, it might offer the orgasmic experience you desire.

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