How to Insert and Remove Anal Plugs

How to Insert and Remove Anal Plugs from the Anus|Beginner's Guide

There are many erogenous zones other than the genitals that can produce sexual pleasure, and the anus is one of them. The anus is fair game for everyone, male or female, regardless of your sexual orientation, everyone can enjoy the pleasure it provides without discrimination. Exploring the anus, anal plugs are an absolute must, creating amazingly pleasurable pressure on the back wall of your vagina and prostate.

But using an anal plug isn't as easy as a dildo, at least for newbies, and shoving an object into your anus sounds a little scary. The point of this article is to help those newbies explore the pleasures of anal plugs with ease and enjoyment by eliminating their fears.

How does it feel to wear a butt plug?

Placing an object inside the anus is definitely a stimulating experience like no other; the perianal area and inside of the anus are filled with nerve endings like a vagina, and the pressure of the anal plug creates pleasure.

And it's just one of the reasons why many people wear anal plugs. Oh yeah, because nothing says "classy" like walking around in public with your ass in the air, right? I mean, who needs privacy or boundaries when you can casually wear an ass plug to a fancy dinner party or even just running errands?

So go ahead, spice up your life by proudly wearing butt plugs in public! Who cares about social norms or personal bottom lines when you can let loose?

Are anal plugs safe?

This is a concern for everyone. The truth is that anal plugs are completely safe as long as you pay attention to the following things.

Lubrication is essential. Unlike the vagina, which can secrete bodily fluids to self-lubricate, you must use lubricant inside the anus, otherwise rough penetration can lead to tearing and infection, which is not a good outcome. Good lubrication is a necessary prerequisite for experiencing pleasure, so please don't neglect this crucial step.

Clean your anal plug. Not only anal plugs, but before using any sex toy make sure it is clean, even if it doesn't look dirty on the surface, after all, bacteria is something you can hardly observe with the naked eye. These bacteria are likely to cause infections, so don't forget to sterilize them. In addition, sharing sex toys can spread sexual diseases. A condom can solve these potential threats when sharing an anal plug with another person.

Make sure your anus is healthy. Remember this is not a suggestion, this is a warning, anyone suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or prostate disease do not use anal plugs, it will make your situation worse.

How to Insert and Remove Anal Plugs?

First of all our anus is contractile and can perfectly accommodate a decent sized anal plug without feeling intimidated. Anal sex may be too intense for you, start with anal plugs. Currently on the market the mainstream anal plugs are divided into vibrating anal plugs and ordinary anal plugs, for newbies ordinary silicone anal plugs are already enough, many anal plug sets have large, medium and small 3 different sizes of plugs, start from the smallest, when you gradually adapt to consider choosing to increase the size.

Let's do it.

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere and don't tense up, your tension will cause your muscles to tighten and will create more resistance to penetration. In addition to relaxing, play some erotic audio to mobilize yourself sexually.
  • Apply enough lubricant. Apply the lubricant evenly around your anus and on the anal plug. Note the compatibility of the lubricant with the anal plug.
  • Slow insertion. You can lie on your side and find a comfortable angle to aim the plug at your anus, hold the handle at the bottom of the plug and slowly push it into your anus. You will feel your anus expanding slowly until the top half of the plug is completely inside your anus, leaving only the handle on the outside. Take your time throughout this process and don't rush.
  • Appropriate teasing. Insert an anal plug and leave it in the anus to feel the fullness and pressure inside the anus. Alternatively you can tease yourself with a dildo or other clitoral vibrator to enhance the pleasure.

How do I remove the anal plug?

Removing the anal plug is as easy as putting it on. The handle does more than prevent the plug from going completely inside the anus, when you want to remove it grab it by the exposed handle and pull it out slowly. Here's a tip, you can work with your sphincter muscle to push it out during removal, just like a bowel movement, the sphincter muscle contracts and then your hand pulls on the anal plug, which makes it easy to remove. Be careful not to pull it out quickly as this may cause discomfort or even injury.

Top 3 Best Anal Plugs for Beginners

For newbies who want to try anal plugs, picking the right size plug can be a headache. With that in mind, we've prepared 3 of the top anal plugs for newbies that are sized to fit 99% of the population.

Silicone Rainbow Anal Plug

Silicone Rainbow Anal Plug

Designed for those who aspire to be "butt pride", this vibrant set lets you explore intimate pleasures to your heart's content. It features an eye-catching rainbow design that adds visual appeal to your sensual pleasures. The soft silicone material has been chosen along with an ergonomic design to provide optimum comfort to the wearer. The set includes three progressively sized plugs to suit users at all stages of life.

Rose Anal Plug

Rose Anal Plug

Introducing you to our beautiful Rose Plug Set, again including 3 plugs, large and small. This is the only anal toy in our rose theme, it has a beautifully carved rose pattern on the base, adding a touch of classy element to your anal explorations. It is also wrapped in silicone and has a very smooth surface for very smooth insertion.

Wireless Luminous Fiber Anal Plug

Wireless Luminous Fiber Anal Plug

Wireless Luminous Fiber Anal Plug, our hottest anal toy. The unique shape and features have already earned him a large number of users. With 10 tantalizing vibration patterns, it offers a variety of sensations to satisfy your deepest desires. Made from non-toxic acrylic material, it prioritizes safety while ensuring an unforgettable experience. Once its captivating LED-lit design is activated, these optical fibers at the end emit 7 vibrant colors to create a captivating atmosphere. Plus you can easily explore and switch between various vibration modes with the help of its user-friendly remote control.

Wrap Up

Hey guys, anal plugs are not as scary as you may think, and they can provide just as much pleasure as a dildo. Some advanced users are not even satisfied with self-exploration at home, and in search of more excitement, they will wear anal plugs in public. There are also a lot of people who cooperate with the dildo to realize the pleasure of DOUBLE PENETRATION. If you are interested in it, don't hesitate to follow our steps to insert and remove the anal plug is not a difficult task.

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