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10 Tips to Help Your Partner Last Longer in Bed, Besides Using Drugs

There's one thing that men all over the world almost always care about: their performance in bed. And durability is a key factor in measuring this. When it comes to matters of dignity, they seem to think of every possible way to prolong their performance in bed. Drugs such as benzocaine, tadalafil, sildenafil, and lidocaine have almost become their first choice. While these drugs can delay ejaculation, they can have an impact on your sexual experience by reducing your body's sensitivity, and some of them may have side effects that are not good for your body. In this article we will explore some new options to prolong your sex without the use of drugs.

A little information about PE

Every time I see a lot of people online saying that they feel they have premature ejaculation and want to grow their sex time, I feel very distressed. There is so much false information on the Internet that many men use aphrodisiacs with unknown effects to treat premature ejaculation without being sure if they are premature, which is definitely not a sound method. The International Society for Sexual Medicine (international+society+for+sexual+medicine, ISSM) has adopted a brand new definition of premature ejaculation: Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction characterized by ejaculation that always or almost always occurs before or within about 1 minute after entry, and the inability to delay ejaculation after full or almost full entry. As well as negative personal outcomes such as distress, worry, frustration or avoidance of sexual activity.

Friends, as long as men can have sex for more than 1 minute it is not considered premature ejaculation! But according to you men, to their own satisfaction, 1 minute is definitely a thing of extreme shame. And a survey shows that most couples think the most appropriate time for vaginal intercourse is 7 to 15 minutes.

There may be people who compare themselves to the protagonists in porn, don't be silly bro, those are the effects of multiple takes and edits with the use of pills. If they were filmed as they really are, would each movie only be 10 minutes long and what would they make money on? The screenwriters would be struggling too!

10 Tips to Delay Ejaculation

1. Sense of control training

The nerve centers are too sensitive, and just as muscles can be trained by working out, so can a sense of control. Deliberately control your ejaculation during normal masturbation, stop stimulating when you feel you are about to climax, let your desire to ejaculate calm down and continue to start. This repeated training can strengthen your control over ejaculation.

2. Pre-coital ejaculation

This method requires several experiments to get the timing right. Ejaculate through masturbation some time before sex so that you don't get too excited and sensitive during real sex. But only if you allow yourself some time to get through the period of inappropriateness and make sure that you are able to get a normal erection during sex. This way you will be able to last longer in bed.

3. Use thicker condoms

This is one of the easiest ways to delay ejaculation. A thickened condom will have a noticeable blocking sensation and can effectively reduce the intensity of sensation when penetrating the vagina. While there are no scientific studies to prove that this is effective, it is a fact that many people take longer to reach the sensation of ejaculation when using a padded condom, which is why some padded condoms are advertised as being able to delay ejaculation.

4. Frequent change of sex position

Delaying ejaculation during sex is the most commonly used technique. When you are in the process of thrusting and feel yourself getting excited about to reach the threshold of ejaculation, immediately stop and switch to a new position. In this momentary switching process, cut off the sense of excitement your desire to ejaculate will slowly calm down, allowing you to return to the starting point from the new. And try different sex positions can also experience different feelings, maybe you can even find your best position.

5. Use of a cock ring

In addition to improving erections in ED patients, a cock ring can also help delay ejaculation. It indirectly helps to delay ejaculation by restricting blood flow to maintain an erection, and some men find that using a penis ring helps them to focus more on sensation and better control the timing of orgasm. Some of today's penis rings can help men as well as giving women extra stimulation during intercourse. Our Couple Vibrating Cock Rings, for example, add remote control vibrations to traditional cock rings, allowing the sensations to be adjusted by remote control during sex. And the silicone spines on the top half provide extra pleasure to the female clitoris.

Couple Vibrating Cock Rings

6. Distraction

Focus your attention on something non-erotic during the sexual act, such as multiplication tables. This will reduce the pleasure of the sex act itself, but is usually effective in delaying ejaculation. Many people give this method, but I don't recommend it because sex is a wonderful romantic thing that turns out to be a distraction, so what's the point? Why is it still brought up here, because many people practice this method.

7. Slow down

Generally speaking, the faster a man makes love, the faster he ejaculates. Fast, powerful thrusts lead to faster orgasms. A slower, more deliberate technique means less stimulation of the tip of the penis and delayed ejaculation. It also allows for better control of ejaculation.

8. Extrusion technology

As soon as you feel you are close to orgasm withdraw your penis and hold it in one of your hands to apply pressure to it while emptying your mind until the urge to ejaculate fades away and you can continue again.

9. Kegel exercises

Regular pelvic floor exercises (often called Kegel exercises) can help manage erectile function. Practicing Kegel exercises 3-5 times a day at different speeds of movement can help strengthen and train the pelvic floor muscles. Strong muscles in this area can help blood flow and increase your control over ejaculation.

10. Control your weight

Premature ejaculation and obesity don't seem to have much to do with each other, but in fact there have been studies that have proven a link between premature ejaculation and metabolic syndrome, which has been linked to obesity in all of its manifestations. Examples include diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. People with metabolic syndrome are twice as likely to suffer from premature ejaculation as normal people, so keep your weight in check.

The Bottom

Premature ejaculation has become one of the biggest obstacles to sexual well-being, so if your partner is unfortunate enough to suffer from PE, don't scoff, all he needs is your encouragement. And it is completely curable with aggressive treatment, don't be ashamed to seek help from professionals.

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