69 Positions Oral Sex

69 Positions Oral Sex Tips Guide

 Have you ever tried the 69 sex position? It can be said that this is a position developed specifically for oral sex. If you want to try it lack of no way to start, this article will give you some insight, we will then go into detail about the techniques of the 69 position and what to do once you get into the 69 position.

Setting expectations in advance

First of all my first piece of advice is to give yourself the opportunity to say stop. When you try something new, there is no guarantee that you will like it. If you do struggle with it, don't force yourself through the process.

Discuss the pose with your partner before trying it, starting with these questions:

  • Do you guys want to orgasm in this position or just try it out?
  • What if one of you feels good about it and the other doesn't?
  • How are we going to communicate during this process?
  • What if we want to stop in the middle?
  • What if one of us has an orgasm and the other doesn't?

Why am I asking you to have these discussions ahead of time? Because once you feel that the position is not for you, you can find better ways to cope with it. 69 is considered a relatively taboo position compared to traditional positions, so it's still necessary to discuss it ahead of time, otherwise the higher the expectations the greater the disappointment. This applies to trying anything new in the bedroom.

How to Overcome Your Butt Odor Problem

It's an inevitable problem that everyone who tries the pose has encountered, so see how others have coped.

  • Merlin, one of our customers, said, When I put my face in front of his ass, I did smell an odor that would have been absolutely unacceptable to me if it were anyone else, but as his wife I didn't mind.
  • Robert says: My girlfriend and I were bothered by this problem before, we were excited but we didn't feel interested when we smelled this bad odor, until I learned later that there is something called deodorant and it has no effect on the body. Just rub it on the place where the odor is coming from.
  • Roth says: I carefully wash our anal areas with my partner every time we try 69 positions, plus the aroma of the shower gel masks most of the odor, so the only remaining bit of smell is acceptable.

It's true that smelling someone's ass when you're having sex isn't pleasant, but if you're focused on your pleasure maybe the smells aren't enough to affect you either. If you can't you do what a few of them do.

How to get into 69 sex positions

The 69 position, while seemingly simple, is actually not easy. Here are a few different ways to get into the 69 sex position, the easiest of which is girl on top.

Girl on Top 69 Sex Position

Girl on Top 69 Sex Position

Male lying on the bed, the woman directly open legs will be sitting across the face of the man's pussy, so that the knees are located on both sides of the man's head to play the role of support, to the man to leave part of the breathing and working space. In this process, the man should pay attention to whether to reach the other side of the pussy, really can't in the case of a pillow can be used to raise the head, so as to avoid the man has to struggle to reach the other side of the pussy.

After this the woman can lean forward to reach the penis. Depending on the height difference between the couple, she may need to support herself on her elbows, resting almost flat on her husband's stomach to reach it. Alternatively, she can support herself with just her hands and bend down to reach his penis.

Boy on Top 69 Position

Boy on Top 69 Position

This position is similar to the previous one, except that the man and woman switch positions, this time with the man on top. The point to note in this position is to prevent the penis from penetrating too deeply. To avoid this you can do it in these ways:

  • The woman holds the root of the penis in her hand and controls the depth of his penetration
  • The woman suspends her head against the side of the bed and raises her head to reach the penis, though this requires some neck strength
  • The man relies on knee support to regulate the space under his body and give the woman the right distance.

Side by side 69 position

Side by side 69 position

Compared to the previous two positions, this one may be better in terms of saving energy. Taking this position requires both partners to lie on their sides, with the man's head so close to the woman's pussy that he can reach it, and the woman's head close to the penis, again ensuring access. Since the woman's pubic area is positioned inward, it requires the woman to lift one leg to make a "V" shape and expose her pubic area to allow the man better access, whereas the man does not have to, since the penises are protruding outward. So the woman needs to put in a little more effort. There is flexibility to adjust the space as needed during the maneuver.

When everything is in place, you just serve each other in your normal oral sex way. If the position gets distorted in the process, you can adjust it according to the other person's cues before continuing. Or you can add some sex toys for double pleasure.

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