Inyarose Space Cloud

Inyarose Space Cloud: I call it the cutest sex toy of 2024, bar none

When we talk about sex toys, we always subconsciously think of realistic, fleshy dildos, rumbling vibrators or big, bulky sex machines. Today we change all that and proudly present our Inyarose Space Cloud, a multifunctional sex toy with cartoon style as its design language. I call it the cutest sex toy in 2024, it's a fun and special gift for your partner or friends, and I believe no woman can refuse it. Next, we will introduce this cute guy from packaging, parameters, design, function and experience.


When I got it for the first time it gave me a surprise (there are many more surprises behind), its packaging is not considered very delicate, but still reveals its cute style. The package size is 10*12*13cm, from top to bottom is all in pink and purple gradient color. In the front of the box printed with a cartoon style product image, the side is the product of some parameter information (later we will introduce), there is a small tip on the top: "closed charging can reduce virus breeding rate 80%".

Opening the package you get a product placed in a charging compartment, a charging cable, a manual and an after-sales card, that's all the accessories it comes with, very simple.

Inyarose Space Cloud

Product Parameters

Size: 5.5*7*7cm

Weight: 146g

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Running time: 90 minutes

Waterproof rating: IPX7

Material: Silicone + ABS

Power supply form: built-in lithium battery power supply

Noise: less than 50 dB

Stimulation:Sucking + Vibration

Note: The above parameters do not include the charging compartment

Inyarose Space Cloud Size

Design and Appearance

A great product will never let you down in terms of design and appearance. You'll notice that I've been emphasizing the cute style of the space cloud before, so let's take a closer look at its design and appearance.

It is designed in the language of space and exploration, exploring one's body and desires. When it is packed in the charging compartment, a glance at it will easily reveal that it is in the shape of an alien spaceship, which looks very interesting. The little alien pilots its spaceship and brings you infinite fun.

Battery Compartment

The charging compartment has three parts, the charging cable, the transparent cover and the base. All of its fittings are curved strips so it has no corners and looks very rounded. There is also a ring of chrome strips on the base of the charging compartment, plus a ring of small protruding dots dotted around the ship, like the ship's energy crystals.

Here's a fun and functional design that you wouldn't expect. On the inside of the spaceship there is a circle of led light band, its switch is on the four support points of the spaceship. When you put it on your bedside to charge at night, the eyes of the cloud elf will blink, and another gentle press will turn on its light, and there are 3 brightness adjustable, you can switch the brightness by pressing here. It can be used as your bedside night light with soft and cozy light.

What is very convenient is that the charging compartment is just like the Bluetooth headset charging compartment, it also has a power storage function, so you don't have to connect the charging cable all the time, you can also charge the product and power the light strip.

Inyarose Space Cloud

Space Cloud

The product itself is an anthropomorphic image of a cloud. The whole thing looks like a cloud sprite from an alien planet. It's available in purple, yellow, and green, and today we got the purple version.

I have mentioned before that it is a versatile and cute sex toy, time for the reveal. If you get it afterward you'll notice that it has two separate power switches, one at the top and one at the bottom. It actually has magnets that allow it to be split in two, the top part is a vibrator and the bottom part is a clit sucker that can be turned on and used at the same time.


Cute Inyarose Space Cloud

Don't underestimate this vibrator, although it is small, but the hidden energy is not weak. It has 3 vibration intensities and 12 vibration modes to choose from, which can be switched by a single button, making one-handed operation a breeze. Its external skin contact parts are all wrapped in silicone, which is soft and easy to clean

Clit Sucker

Cute Inyarose Space Cloud

This clit sucker is so small that when it's separated from the vibrator, it looks like an elf with its hat off. About the size of an egg, it is very easy to hold in your hand. It has a sucking hole at the top and has 6 sucking modes. It sucks very gently, so if your clitoris can't handle overly intense stimulation, then it's definitely for you. Its noise level is as low as a mosquito's buzz, only about 30 decibels, so you don't have to worry about exposure at all when using it hidden under the covers.

My Experience

After hearing so much about space cloud, I know what you want to know now is how it feels in the real world. As the first one to experience this product, I will tell you my experience and you can use it as a reference to see if this product is suitable for you.

Once I got to know this cute little guy, I concluded that it was perfect for personal exploration at night. Doing all the prep work (lube, tissues, shutting up your little pet), closing the door, turning off the lights, and lighting up the charging compartment in a gentle and hazy way, there's no need for you to be able to set the mood anymore. I picked one of my favorite porn movies to use as my sexual arousal.


Space Cloud Sucking Vibrator from Inyarose on Vimeo.


Everything was in place, starting with the vibrator, lubricated with lubricant the moment the vibrator came into contact with my vulva the pleasure went straight to my head. The moment the vibrator touched my vulva, the pleasure went straight to my head. Then I ran it around my vulva, switching between different modes and intensities, touching my clitoris from time to time, and in no time at all, I was completely wet.

This is where the clitoral sucker comes in handy, gently place its sucking hole against your clitoris and you'll find that this sucking is different from your previous suckers, it's not sharp but gentle yet mild stimulation, very beginner friendly. Interestingly I accidentally discovered a new way to play with it, the sucking port accidentally fits my nipple very well, and with a little lubricant it has a nice seal, and works very well for nipple stimulation as well.

When I had played with it for a while I had an orgasmic sensation and doubled up, stimulating my vaginal opening and clitoris at the same time with a vibrator in one hand and a sucker in the other. The sensation needed no introduction and the orgasm was rapidly approaching. The lovely SPACE CLOUD doesn't excel at making a quick orgasm, it prefers your senses to build up, each vibration and suck prepares you for an orgasm. Gentle stimulation is its best feature, compared to the Rose Toy which packs more of a punch.

Pros and cons of space cloud

Overall this product is a masterpiece in terms of both design and functional experience.

  • In terms of privacy protection, this super cute cartoon style, who will associate it with sex toys, only you know its function well, greatly placed on the bed it is a small bedside lamp, taking into account the decorative and practical.
  • In terms of visual presentation, a sex toy can give you not only physical pleasure, but also cosmetic pleasurability, just like the Garage Kits.
  • In terms of functionality, the powerful dual motors bring you both vibrating and sucking stimulating experiences, plus up to 90 minutes of battery life allows you to play with confidence.

Regarding its shortcomings, I can't really think of anything too weak to use, the only thing is that it won't satisfy everyone's preferences, and for those who like intense excitement, it might be almost interesting.

Final words

The lovely Inyarose space cloud is currently available in our mall, if you are interested in it please click here to add to cart, also it is a great gift for partners and friends, they will love it.Space cloud takes you to explore the unknown!

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