Duration of sex

How long does sex usually last? This is not a simple matter.

If you are not a scientist, you will lie in bed in disappointment and ask yourself how long sex is "normal".

However, scientists put forward a question in an almost puzzling way: "What is the average latent time of the genitals?"

I know that sex is much easier than putting the penis in the vagina to ejaculate, but the rest is not always so easy to define (kissing?) rubbings? Grinding? For simplicity and concreteness, we only pay attention to the ejaculation time.

Measuring the average ejaculation time is not a simple matter. I asked them how long it would take. Well, there are two big problems. First, people can accept late-night time from society, so they may be biased towards guessing their time.

Another problem is that we don't know how long people can last. Sexual life is not something that people usually do when monitoring the clocks in bed. In the transportation process of sexual relations, it is difficult to do it without subsidized time.

There is no fixed time for how long sex will last.

Other factors, such as sex, will be very different according to preferences or personal thoughts.

People have different definitions of sex. Some people may think that it only needs an intrusive sexual intercourse, while others may think that sexual intercourse lasts until the beginning of the whole comedy and the climax of both sides ends.

Even if it's hearsay, it's hard to get evidence of how long sex lasts. If a person feels different cultural standards, the duration of sexual life will be under unfair pressure.

The actual duration of sexual life is also different from what some people think should last. Some studies show that, on average, penis-vagina intercourse takes less time to reach orgasm than women in monogamous and stable heterosexual relationships.

What affects how long sex lasts?

A series of factors can affect the duration of sexual life, including:

What is sex? Some people define all sexual contact as sex. Generally speaking, people with a broader definition may think that their sexuality is more lasting.

Sexual behavior, goals and rules: sexual goals, such as each partner's orgasm, will affect the duration.

External restrictions: For example, babies can have short sex during a nap, or go out for a few hours at night.

Sexual orientation: According to a study in 2014, women in same-sex couples have a longer sexual life than other partners.

Sexual function and overall health: Pain and premature ejaculation during or after sexual intercourse are just a few examples of limited life duration.

Age: Due to factors that affect health and endurance, the duration will decrease with age.

Geography: In 2005, multinational studies showed that heterosexual couples in Turkey had the shortest sex life, with an average of 3.7 minutes. This may be related to cultural norms, conditions and the very limited definition of sex proposed in this study.

Duration of sex

What is research?

Our best research on measuring the average ejaculation time of ordinary people was conducted for 500 couples around the world, who used stopwatches to specify the time for their sexual relations within 4 weeks.

It sounds embarrassing. Participants press "start" when inserting and "stop" when ejaculating. It may affect your mood, or it may not fully reflect the natural flow. But science is rarely perfect, it is the best thing we have.

What did the researchers find? The most striking result is earth-shaking changes. The average time of each couple (the average time of making love all the time) ranges from 33 seconds to 44 minutes. The difference is 80 times.

Of course, you don't have "normal" time to have sex. But the average time (technically the median) for all couples is 5.4 minutes. In other words, 500 couples rank from the shortest sex to the longest sex, and the couples in the middle have to have sex for an average of 5.4 minutes.

Interestingly, there are secondary results. For example, using condoms does not seem to affect time, and male circumcision does not affect time. This is a challenge to the traditional wisdom of the relationship between sensitivity and offspring persistence.

If it is not from Turkey, the time for couples to have sex is much shorter (3.7 minutes) than that of couples in other countries (Netherlands, Spain, Britain, America, etc.). Another surprising fact is that the older couples have shorter sex lives, which may be contrary to the general idea that older men have sex.

Why did you have sex for so long?

As an evolutionist, all these discussions about how long performance will last make me curious. Why will it last until when? What all sex really needs to do is put sperm in the vagina. Why don't all the propulsive forces and conflicts put the penis in hundreds of times during sex, but put the penis in once and enjoy the whole day drinking lemon juice after ejaculation?

Because it's fun to go in! Remember, before that, evolution didn't care about fun itself-evolution just "designed" happy things if our ancestors helped us pass on their genes to future generations. For example, even if we like food, we won't chew it for five minutes every bite, so as to make this happiness last. Is inefficient. So we evolved to be disgusting.

There is no clear answer to why it lasted so long, but the shape of sexual organs can provide clues. In 2003, researchers used artificial vagina, artificial penis and artificial sperm (made of corn syrup) to prove that the spine around the penis head actually extracted the existing syrup from the penis.

This means that people who can swim instead of other men's semen have a better chance to reach the egg first before men repeatedly take it. By the way, this explains why it is painful to continue sperm extraction in after ejaculation because of the danger of expelling your own semen.


There is no right or wrong about the duration of sexual relations.There is no typical definition.

We should communicate with each other what sex is to them, make them feel satisfied, and communicate with each other as the center. Continuous and open communication and concern for everyone's happiness often make sex better.

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