Traveling with Your sex Toys

7 Tips for Traveling with Your sex Toys

With romance taking center stage in the minds of 80 percent of Americans this year, it's evident that love and passion are in the air for 2023. A whopping 63 percent of individuals are planning romantic getaways, undeterred by inflation or rising costs. These statistics reflect a yearning to prioritize intimate moments and reignite the flames of connection. It's no surprise that couples find their amorous escapades more satisfying while on vacation, with a staggering 73 percent reporting heightened intimacy during their travels compared to their routines at home. As the allure of a vacation often sparks increased libido, the prospect of kindling passion on your journey is a tantalizing one.

And while vacationing removes us from the familiar humdrum of daily life, it also provides a unique opportunity to explore uncharted territories – both figuratively and literally. For couples seeking to amplify their romantic escapades, incorporating adult toys into their adventures may seem enticing. Yet, the prospect of navigating airport security with these intimate items can evoke apprehension. Questions abound: Can you bring lube on a plane? Are condoms permissible in a carry-on? The good news is that these items are indeed allowed – lube can be carried in a 3.4 oz. container (or any size if you check your bag).

To ease the burden on amorous travellers and ensure they get through security without any hassle, we've put together some practical guidance to help you carry your treasured erotic items through airport security with discretion and confidence.

1. Opt for Compact Vibrators

When packing for your travels, the golden rule is to travel light – and this extends to your choice of adult toys. A bulky vibrator may not be the most practical travel companion, both in terms of discretion and ease of packing. Choose a petite yet powerful vibrator that can be discreetly tucked away in an inner pocket of your suitcase.

Traveling with Your sex Toys

2. Silence the Buzz

The last thing you want while going through airport security is for your vibrator to unexpectedly come to life. Avoid any unplanned vibrations by either removing the batteries from battery-operated toys or using a rechargeable toy until its charge is depleted. A little pre-trip pleasure can be a fun way to ensure discretion.

3. Transparent Packaging

Pack your vibrator in a clear plastic bag. This simple step ensures that TSA screeners can identify the item without having to handle it extensively, maintaining hygiene and privacy.

4. Keep Your Cool

Maintain your composure while passing through security. TSA personnel are trained to spot suspicious behavior. If you appear anxious or uneasy about your vibrator, it might draw unnecessary attention. Remember, you're not the first traveler to carry such items.

5. Embrace Confidence

In the event that your bag is inspected, honesty is your best policy. Carrying a vibrator signifies a healthy attitude toward sexuality, and there's no need to be embarrassed. Embrace confidence and comfort in your choices.

6. Adhere to Liquids Restrictions

Wondering whether you can bring lube on a plane? The answer is yes, as long as you adhere to the TSA's liquid regulations. Keep any accompanying lubricants or toy cleaners in containers of 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less for carry-on bags, though any size is permissible for checked luggage.

7. Research Destination Regulations

Before embarking on your journey, it's vital to research the regulations of your destination. Certain countries have restrictions on sex toys, so familiarize yourself with local laws to avoid any unwanted surprises. The TSA's "What Can I Bring?" search tool is an excellent resource to determine whether your chosen items are permitted.

As the flames of romance and passion burn brighter than ever in 2023, incorporating adult toys into your travels can heighten your amorous escapades. By adhering to these expert tips, you can confidently navigate airport security, ensuring your intimate items remain a discreet and cherished part of your journey.

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