Wearing a condom

Wearing a condom can be sexy foreplay

Don't think of condoms as something that restricts pleasure; condoms can do much more than contraception and stopping sexual transmission during sex. The judicious and skillful use of condoms can create just as many romantic stories.

Turning embarrassment into sexy foreplay

Partners intimate love in the thick of it, if suddenly stop the action, pull out the condom prepared in the pocket, and then undress, remove the package ...... It really, really ruins the atmosphere. Many people at this time will feel that they are too clumsy, can not put this thin soft condom wear good, or else think that the desire is strong, the straight into the theme of the time but also in the middle of inserting such a redundant step, feel very embarrassed, ridiculous. Sometimes after this pause, the emotions can not be picked up, but also affect the quality of the sex.

In fact, if you do it right, putting on a condom can be an important part of great foreplay. Sex education experts suggest turning the activity of putting on a condom into an amorous interlude and letting your female partner put it on.

First, you need to make sure the top of the condom is up. Then, gently squeeze the air pocket at the top to get rid of the air and slide the condom towards the bottom of his dick. Don't forget to give his dick some gentle strokes to squeeze out the air bubbles in the condom and make sure that it won't burst during your vigorous exercise. You can also try putting a few drops of water-based lubricant on his dick and gently massaging it with your hands to make him so excited that he forgets he's wearing a condom. Be careful with your fingernails of course, or you'll inadvertently hurt him.

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Turning trouble into natural flirting

A number of people complain that wearing a condom doesn't feel good, that they don't feel intimate enough with each other, or that it restricts them from playing, when in fact it's nothing more than a minor inconvenience during sex.

Currently, there are various types of condoms available in the market, so you can choose the type that suits you, or you can prepare some ordinary condoms for recreational use during intimate foreplay. Put a condom on a toothbrush and tease each other between partners. Put the smallest size condom on each finger so that it resembles a five-fingered glove, and then use this special glove to start your mutual body exploration, or you can also put condoms on your feet for fun. During sex, let your partner unconsciously put it on in a relaxed atmosphere and start the romantic process. Such sexual games often have unexpected results, especially for those couples who have been married for many years. They may have begun to the monotony of sex life bored, but not completely lost confidence in sex, easy clever little game can effectively help them renewed passion.

Turn discomfort into enjoyment

Women are flesh and blood, it is inevitable that there is a physical discomfort, such as gynecological diseases, pregnancy, allergies to male semen, etc., or male occasional ED, this time the condom becomes one of the best gifts in life. In addition to guaranteeing safety, it is also an expression of love for your partner, this thoughtfulness is more cozy than roses, more real. Many people do not pay attention to emotional communication during sex, ignoring each other's feelings, or do not know how to express their feelings, this time, you can explore together the use of condoms, the use of skills, the use of time, etc., which will enable you to open up the topic of conversation, so that the condom has become a reconciling agent in the life of the inner discomfort with it, into the enjoyment of life.

Turning shyness into sexual innuendo

Often times, both men and women have moments when they are too shy to admit their sexual needs to their partners. This time a wide range of condoms become the most appropriate gift, not only to experience the pleasure, but also to express the needs of the right way. If a woman wants her partner to bring her more passionate sexual feelings, she may want to give him a box of spiked condoms as a hint. I believe that by receiving such a small gift, your partner will be able to realize your intention .

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