Kissing instruction that makes him love kissing

Kissing is a romantic thing, and the pleasure of two people enjoying a near-perfect kiss is almost irreplaceable.

But, on the contrary, a slobbery, sticky, rhythmically unattractive kiss will only make people think, no fun!

In order to enjoy the beauty of kissing, today brings a couple kissing instruction, this weekend, and the object to follow the following methods of practice, happy to improve kissing skills ~

kissing skills

Start with a light kiss

Slowly bring your body closer to build up more emotion. The higher the emotion before the kiss begins, the more intense the sensation will be when your lips finally meet.

When you feel each other's nostrils, slowly close your eyes and you can touch each other's lips as if they were dragonflies, pressing, rubbing, lightly sucking, leaving, and so on in a cycle. Start with a little restraint, then gradually go deeper and more passionate.

couple kiss

Head turn

A study shows that when kissing with a partner, 77% of people will turn to the right, which may be set by our body instinct, so when kissing you can first turn your head to the right, if you go left, the other side to the right, then you may hit your head oh.

Of course, changing the kissing position every now and then can make kissing more interesting, and head turns can be at the end of one kiss and the beginning of the next.

The key is to find a rhythm you like, too often twisting your head back and forth, which can be uncomfortable for both of you.

Advanced exploration of the three kissing methods

Licking and kissing

Gently lick each other's upper and lower lips with your tongue, and when the other person's lips are open, extend your tongue and slowly slide it over the side of your lips, upper jaw, and gums.

Remember to relax your lips during this process so that your muscles don't become too stiff.

Bite Kiss

Use your teeth to gently bite each other's lips, slowly bite and release, gently rub, note that the strength must be light!

Beginners can practice by biting their own lips first, or using both lips instead of teeth to pinch and rub each other's soft lips.

Tongue kiss

Both tongues licking each other, rhythmically drawing circles around each other's tongues, tongue kissing is about you and me, start lightly and slowly, with each other's tongue response and then gradually increase the force, if done right, the feeling is that the two souls are mingling.

Be careful not to stick your tongue all the way into the other person's mouth, as this will only cause physical discomfort! Just use the front third of your tongue.

Also, be sure to remember to swallow often and take the saliva to your stomach, not ta your mouth, otherwise... The watershed of sexy and jokes is here.


Kiss for a while and then separate your lips once, create some distance, look at each other, and give each other time to gaze deeply at each other.

The interval between kisses can make the next round of romance even more intense.

In addition, the affectionate gaze is to tell each other that you have been completely intoxicated by his love.


Second, mobilize the whole body

Pay attention to each other's body language

Kissing is not only the action of the lips, but to achieve the pleasure and enjoyment of the whole body. When kissing, the body movements of the other party are telling you how he feels, expressing satisfaction with you or not.

Positive signs: he pulls you tighter with his hands, kisses and caresses become more intense, laughs or breathes heavily, etc.

When the other person shows these particularly positive response actions, it means that she is clearly telling you that he is enjoying himself very much.

Negative signals: pushing your shoulder away, hands not touching you, lips not moving, or intentionally keeping your lips tightly closed to make you stop, etc.

At this point you should stop and ask each other how they feel, don't force her to continue in case she clearly refuses oh.

Stroke the neck, ears and cheeks

These sensitive areas are aroused by the slightest touch. You can use your fingers to lightly caress, or your thumb to rub these areas back and forth.

Grab each other's arms, shoulders and backs

Fingertips or thumbs repeatedly stroking back and forth these parts of the skin, you can use a little force, the other side is compressed, can make the whole body hair erect.

The guy can put his arm around his partner's body, with one hand on her back and one hand behind her head, which will make the girl feel very secure! Girls can put their hands on his waist, back or shoulders.

Lightly support each other's chin with your index finger and thumb

Look deeply into each other's eyes and then kiss her on the lips. In this moment, your gentle eye identification can be wonderful.

Three, the kiss before the preparation

Keep your lips hydrated

If you don't want sticky lips, make sure to drink enough water every day to make your lips smoother.

Also apply more lip balm or give your lips a regular treatment to remove dead skin from your lips and make it taste fragrant and soft.

Fresh breath

Don't eat food or drink that makes your mouth taste before kissing, nor coffee or excessive alcohol.

If you eat, remember to chew gum in between, or spray breath freshener, before kissing her afterwards .

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