Everything You Need To Know About How To Use Lovehoney Rose Toy

Are you ready to enter the world of the rose toy, the sex toy that has swept the world in just one year? What magic does it have, today our guide takes you deeper into the world of Lovehoney rose toy and tells you everything you need to know about it and how to use it.

What is rose toy?

If you know anything about sex toys or have paid some attention to the internet then you must have heard of Rose Toys. Yes, the very same sex toy that went viral on TikTok with one video. The Rose Toy, also known as the Rose Vibrator, is nothing like a regular sex toy. It has abandoned the traditional design of sex toys in the past, and innovatively adopts a new design with soft silicone silicone material, making it look like a work of art.

And it is also different from traditional vibrators in its working principle, instead of relying solely on vibration to work, it uses advanced air pulse technology to stimulate your nerve endings. This innovative form of clitoral stimulation brings users an unrivaled orgasmic experience, and as a result it has gained a large following.

The key that really sets the Rose Toy apart from other clitoral vibrators is its ability to create a suction sensation rather than simply vibrating. It massages and stimulates the clitoris through air-pulse technology, providing a much more pleasurable sensation than traditional vibrators. This is the factor that makes users really pay for it.

The Lovehoney rose is an improved model developed on this basis, with a more powerful motor and a more reasonable design, truly making it easy for every user to experience the pleasure of orgasm.

How do I use rose toy?

Whether you are a first time user of the rose toy or you want to improve your skills in using rose don't worry. We have prepared an absolutely comprehensive and absolutely detailed guide for you, so please follow me step by step.

Get ready to experience the rose toy

Set mood

As with using any other sex toy, it is important to first get in the mood before you begin.

  • If you have a roommate, close the door first to make sure your happy hour isn't interrupted by anyone else, and a relatively enclosed space gives a better experience.
  • Dim your bedroom lights or use candles instead of lighting, even better if your room has ambient lighting, to create an intimate atmosphere to get yourself in the mood faster.
  • I would recommend playing some soft music because I'm afraid you'll get so comfortable during the experience that you'll moan out, just so the sound of the music can muffle your voice.
  • Finally prepare all the supplies you will need for this process so that you don't have to stop and pick them up in the middle of the process. Keep items like lubricant,paper towels or washcloths within easy reach.

Once you have everything ready, you can take a deep breath and let yourself relax, a relaxed state also allows you to better experience the feeling that the rose brings to you.

rose toy

Health and safety

Hygiene and safety are always the primary points you need to focus on under any sexual behavior. Knowing how to clean rose toys becomes an important issue for you.

Cleaning is not difficult, it just requires you to re-clean the rose with mild soapy water before and after use. You can also purchase a special sex toy cleaner to clean it if you are unsure. A cleaned toy will greatly reduce the likelihood of bacteria growth.

Apart from hygiene and safety, your comfort should also be a major concern. Lubricants are the perfect partner during your experience, reducing the discomfort caused by friction and increasing your comfort level. Of course, there is something to be said for choosing the right lubricant. There are three types of lubricant bases, oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based. Although they each have their own benefits, the most suitable for rose vibrator is the water-based lubricant, which is lubricating, easy to clean, and won't damage the toy.

The important thing to note is to pay attention to your body whether you are using rose sex toys or any other toys and stop as soon as you feel discomfort or even pain. Remember, safety and comfort are your top priorities.

Mastering the art of using Lovehoney rose

Charge your rose toy first.

If you don't want your rose to suddenly stop working when you're about to reach orgasm, then make sure it's fully charged before using it. Charging your rose is very simple, just follow the steps below:

  • It uses usb magnetic charging, place the rose on the base to ensure proper connection
  • Connect the other end of the charger to the power supply
  • The charging process will last 1-2 hours, during which the indicator light will keep blinking.
  • Know that the indicator light is always on to indicate that charging is complete

Replenishing it in time after each use will prevent you from having to wait for a temporary recharge the next time you use it, and it will also keep your battery healthy when not in use.

Choose the best position

Posture has a huge impact on your experience, and after charging, it's time to determine your optimal position. A perfect position can enhance the way you feel. I recommend the following positions to try.

  • The supine is the most classic position, in which you can easily take control of everything and adjust the angle according to your needs.
  • On all fours, this position offers a special angle of stimulation, plus you can free up your other hand to stimulate your other sensitive spots.
  • Sitting up, you can sit at the head of the bed, a position in which you can clearly see your private parts coming into contact with the toy and can precisely control the stimulation intensity and areas.
  • In the bathtub, rose is waterproof for your underwater frolics. And the warm water enhances your experience.

Another practical tip is to use mirrors for extra visual stimulation, the same that will help you get into the right position.

Of course, these methods are just my suggestions, and you can use your own imagination to explore more comfortable and appropriate positions.

Find your favorite settings and modes

The rose toy has a wide range of settings and modes, and now you can try them one by one to find your preferred level of stimulation and thus customize your experience to your liking. Start at a lower intensity to avoid rejection by your body, and adjust accordingly to how your body reacts.

rose toy

Enhance your experience

Introducing teasing and edge rubbing techniques

To increase sexual arousal and intensify orgasms, a few techniques are essential. Teasing and rimming techniques can help you explore new erogenous zones and prolong your pleasurable experience. You can follow the steps below:

  • Adjust the toy to the lowest stimulation intensity, tease your sensitive spots, and slowly adjust the stimulation intensity as you get into the mood until you are close to orgasm.
  • When you feel you've reached the edge, stop stimulating or reduce the intensity of stimulation
  • When you regain your composure repeat this maneuver several times until you can't help but climax
  • You'll find that this orgasm is more intense than every one you've ever had.

Other creative ways to play rose sex toy

Roses are not just solo toys, you can also incorporate them into your sex with your partner to enhance your intimacy and pleasure. We have provided you with a few creative ways to play with it that you can try:

  • FORWARD PLAY ASSISTANT: Give control of the rose to your partner during foreplay and let him manipulate the rose to roam around your body stimulating sensitive spots and arousing your libido.
  • Mutual Masturbation: use the rose on each other and the two of you explore its various settings and communicate together.
  • Mixed Pleasure: While one of you is using the rose to stimulate a particular sensual spot, the other helps him to stimulate other sensitive spots to achieve double sensation and experience mixed pleasure.
  • Sensory Play: One partner is blindfolded while the other uses a rose toy to randomly stimulate one of the other's sensitive spots. The loss of vision and the unknown nature of the random stimulation can be very exciting for both partners.

Just because the Rose is a clitoral toy designed for women doesn't mean men can't get pleasure from it. It is highly playable, and sharing ideas with each other while using it together enhances your intimacy while getting pleasure.

Wrap up

Rose toys are very popular at the moment and as a result various versions have appeared, due to the lucrative nature of the toy, a variety of uneven manufacturers are producing and manufacturing it, so keep your eyes peeled and don't be fooled by cheap, poor quality products. Read some honest rose toy reviews to choose reliable brands and retailers before you buy,not only in the quality is guaranteed but also do not have to worry about after-sales problems, Lovehoney rose meets all your needs. Provide high quality roses and after sales.

Rose toys for women is counted as a revolutionary sex toy that is different from other traditional vibrators and offers you unparalleled pleasure. After learning how to use it, you can also unlock the secret of this viral sensation.

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