Using Sex Toys to Enhance Marital Life

7 Tips for Couples Using Sex Toys to Enhance Their Marital Life

Let's be real: Sustaining passion within a marriage is challenging. Even the most deeply connected couples face disagreements. We've been there, understanding the struggle to uphold a harmonious relationship, considering the multitude of factors at play.

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, many married partners tend to sidestep issues concerning this fundamental aspect of intimacy.

"I feel dissatisfied, but I love my spouse, so it's fine."

"I discovered my spouse masturbating without me - I'm upset, but I'm unsure how to address it."

"Our sex life lacks spark, and I'm at a loss on what to do…"

These thoughts are likely to cross your mind at some point. What many might not realize is that they can take matters into their own hands, or more accurately, turn to sex toys.

Is using sex toys in a relationship disrespectful?

Absolutely, using sex toys within a relationship is not only acceptable but often encouraged by numerous sex and marriage therapists. You don't have to seek a marriage counselor to understand that great sex can reignite the flames of passion in a relationship that lacks intimacy.

Countless couples attest that sex toys offer a means to explore and experience pleasure together. They serve as a pathway to enhanced communication, enabling partners to venture into uncharted territories. By incorporating sexual aids, couples can elevate their passion to new levels, fostering a deeper understanding of their own pleasure and reciprocating to ensure mutual enjoyment in their intimate moments.

How to make the most of sex toys

Carefully selected sex toys for your partner

Whether it's their birthday or your marriage anniversary, selecting the right sex toys based on both your preferences can be an exciting way to enhance intimacy. Offering him and her sex toys ensures nights filled with pleasure and communicates your desire to reciprocate, contributing to a more fulfilling and enduring sexual relationship.

Helpful Tips:

Surprise your partner with a thoughtfully wrapped package containing the chosen toys. Share links to reputable websites featuring quality adult toys with your spouse, allowing them to make a selection (a gift card could also be a nice touch!). Purchase and discreetly hide various sex toys in places like under the sheets or around the house, adding an element of surprise for your partner to discover at their leisure and delight. If you're not sure how to pick , check out our selection guide.

Learn to try

After safely receiving your sex toys, it's an opportunity to explore and experiment! Engage in these activities together as a couple to foster openness and eliminate any potential for jealousy. As you both discover the fun and pleasure that sex toys can bring to your shared intimacy, your partner may become more open to using them together.

 rose sex toy

Reaching consensus with the other side

In addition to using sex toys for oral pleasure, a thriving couple engages in open discussions about their sex life and the potential use of toys. Prior to making any purchases, ensure mutual agreement and consent from your partner regarding the selection of these items. Seeking consensus when choosing the best sex toys will contribute to passionate and fulfilling nights together.

Do a good job of cleaning

Maintaining sexual health is crucial for a fulfilling relationship. It's essential to develop a routine of thorough cleaning and disinfecting your sex toys after every use. Using a reliable disinfectant or simply washing them thoroughly with soap and water can effectively ensure proper hygiene.

Sex toys used with lubricants

Proper lubrication is key to maximizing the use of your sex toys. Contrary to common belief, lubricants aren't exclusively for anal sex. They can enhance pleasure or prolong it according to your preferences during any sexual activity.

Make sure you buy quality sex toys

It's crucial to emphasize that couples should invest in high-quality sex toys that enhance rather than disrupt the mood. Imagine the disappointment of purchasing a sex toy only to have it break after minimal use! Opting for quality personal toys ensures consistent and satisfying intimate experiences while also prioritizing your health.

Pro tip: When making online purchases, review the testimonials and feedback on the sex toy website. Positive social proof can be a helpful indicator in selecting the ideal toys for your relationship. Additionally, it helps identify sellers with potential quality issues, enabling you to steer clear of unreliable sources.

Get ready to spend some sexy time with your significant other!

Introducing something new into a relationship can be challenging, but if it has benefited numerous other couples, why not explore using sex toys to add excitement to your intimate moments? Discover what arouses your partner and demonstrate that sex toys aren't a selfish replacement in marital intimacy; instead, they can enhance pleasure and connection between you both.

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