Love at first sight

Love at first sight or lust at first sight?

"Love at first sight is a very beautiful love experience. In a sea of people, you see him at one glance, you look at each other, and at that moment it's as if a current of electricity passes through your entire body. As long as he is around you, your palms are sweating, your heart seems to have a rabbit running around, and you seem to be energized all over." This is Susan Forward's description of love at first sight in the book Men who hate women the women who love them. However, another popular myth is that all love at first sight is just lust at first sight. While this is a bit of a buzzkill, it is certainly something to think about.

For both views I prefer to believe in love at first sight. Love at first sight is understandable, after all, who wouldn't like a beautiful woman with an angelic face and body like Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift. And the real like, must be from the first glance of the good feeling on the beginning. The so-called one glance is for life, no more so than this.

How can you tell if you're in love at first sight or if you're just seeing things?

I read a reply from a user on quara that went something like this: Love at first sight: I wish I could sleep with him for the rest of my life. Love at first sight: I wish I could sleep with him for the night. Both love at first sight and lust at first sight are the result of an observation. The difference lies in the different points of observation. The feeling may arise because of the other person's appearance, temperament, behavior, or other attractive qualities. It may be related to gender, age, experience, culture and other factors. If a person will fall in love at first sight then he is likely to be a person who knows very well what he wants, and he has expectations and preconceptions and preparations for what kind of person he likes, even if he doesn't realize it, the subconscious mind exists. In addition to looks, body preferences, of course there are other preferences. For example, I have a preference for watching other people's walk (like me, I like people who walk smoother and more relaxed, with their backs straight, because I stubbornly believe that a person who holds their chest up in their normal life is a person who has demands on themselves and can stick to them. (You can observe that everyone's walking style is really different, and there are really people who can hold your attention just by their walking back) So something as obvious as walking is not just walking in the eyes of those who will fall in love at first sight. This is an example of how you fall in love at first sight when you're walking around campus after dinner or on your way to class.

Yet be attracted by looks is entirely driven by appearance. Men can think about this. If a woman wears elaborate makeup and looks charming, but underneath it she has a face full of freckles, would you still want to spend the night with her after they take off their makeup?

sexy women with sex toy

There is indeed a close connection between the two

Because people's attraction to looks is often the basis for an emotion. We often say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", which means that our evaluation of appearance and feelings will affect our attitudes and emotions towards a person. Love at first sight and lust at first sight are related, but not exactly the same. While physical appearance has a significant impact on the creation of love at first sight, it is not a single factor. Love at first sight responds to feelings of attraction to the other person's overall performance, including appearance, temperament, behavior, and other attractive qualities. In this process, appearance only plays a role in triggering interest, but it is not the decisive factor. It goes beyond simple physical attraction and involves all aspects of emotion and interaction. Seeing color, on the other hand, relies on the impact of appearance on an individual's interest, ignoring the assessment of other aspects of attraction.

When we meet someone for the first time, we may be attracted to the person's outstanding appearance, but we may also develop a favorable impression of the person's speech and mannerisms, character traits, and other inner virtues. The emergence of this emotion is relatively complete; it goes beyond attraction to the other person's external physical appearance and involves a considerable degree of complexity of feeling.

What does love at first sight really feel like?

Usually, the love of men and women meet for the first time, in addition to the other side of the good academic style, beautiful body instrumentation, appropriate in and out of speech and other external personality traits to express pleasure, acceptance, appreciation, heterosexual intercourse in the aesthetic standards of "physiological effect" is also an important factor in stimulating emotions. It can be argued that the two sides fell in love at first sight, generally accompanied by a certain degree of closeness, pleasure, adoration and other emotional or physiological experience and feelings, which is the opposite sex attraction of the "natural" basis, especially for those "conditions" equivalent men and women is more so. If you can't impress the opposite sex in 30 seconds, you're doomed to be a "no-go". Men are often criticized for focusing only on women's appearance, but on the contrary, women are more critical than men about their appearance. In other words, a man has only a few seconds to make an impression, so it is very important to make an opening statement.

Love at first sight generally fulfills three conditions.

  • Having never seen each other before, there is that sense of familiarity that comes with meeting for the first time, the feeling of having met before, or even knowing each other before.
  • With a thumping heart, your heart will panic, you'll be breathing hard, and you'll be able to visibly feel your heart beating.
  • Can't help it, there's an inexplicable sense of intimacy and contact, and both are tacitly acquiescing to the contact rather than being bored with it, rather than recognizing it. You said the meeting of the eyes can be said to be a sensory exchange. Words and behavior by others seem to be mutually like because it is very intimate, ambiguous, general ordinary relationship will not be so.

Final Thoughts

Many people say that love at first sight is love at first sight, and there is some truth in that, but it's not entirely true; the connection is very complex. There is an oriental proverb that says: start with looks, stay true to talent, and get stuck in character. Relationships like love at first sight are too rare in real life. We are familiar with those who fall in love at first sight to make the relationship fruitful may be precisely because of less, so more people envy. So, love at first sight feelings can go to the end, is very rare, it in more many times is not reliable.

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