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How Vibrators Can Increase Intimacy During Sex?

If you've never used a vibrator before, the idea of introducing one into your intimate space might initially seem like inviting a stranger into your bedroom. However, this doesn't have to be the case.

Firstly, it's essential to understand that vibrators are intimate devices explicitly designed to enhance your pleasure, not to replace other sources of pleasure. Secondly, integrating a vibrator into your sexual activities with a partner can not only heighten the pleasure for both of you but also strengthen the intimacy between you.

Researchers have defined intimacy as a combination of emotional closeness, reciprocal trust, and self-disclosure, where individuals share personal information with each other. So, how can a vibrator contribute to all of this?

Well, it does so by fostering mutual pleasure, increasing your awareness of your partner's sexual experience, and introducing newness and variety into your relationship.

Engage in shared physical pleasure

In a 2010 study involving 2,056 women, including heterosexual, bisexual, and lesbian individuals aged 18-60, it was discovered that "most vibrator users expressed comfort using them with a partner, and this was linked to improved sexual function." Using a vibrator for stimulation can lead to increased blood flow to the genital area, enhancing the likelihood of achieving orgasm for individuals of all genders. Experiencing this shared pleasure can be instrumental in fostering intimacy between partners.

This is particularly significant in the context of enhancing intimacy during penetrative sex, as research has revealed that most cisgender women cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone. A 2017 study found that only 18% of cisgender women could reach orgasm through purely penetrative intercourse, with 36% indicating the need for additional clitoral stimulation to achieve climax.

Vibrators can be a playful element

Incorporating a vibrator during sex can alleviate the pressure some men might feel about ensuring their partners achieve orgasm. This issue often arises from societal expectations rooted in gender roles. Research has shown that, especially for heterosexual men, a woman's orgasm is sometimes regarded as a "masculine achievement," and feelings of emasculation may emerge if their partner doesn't climax. Unfortunately, these feelings can drive a wedge between couples rather than encouraging them to address these concerns together.

Although most vibrators are designed with female pleasure in mind, some men have expressed a desire for vibrator designs that also consider male experiences of pleasure and stimulation, in addition to the pleasurable sensations benefiting women. Men do use vibrators, and when employed with a partner, "over one-third of heterosexual women reported that their male partners experienced orgasm through the use of a vibrator."

After all, more pleasure for both partners can only enhance the experience, right?

sexy girl with inya rose toy

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Gives you a better understanding of your partner's experience

Becoming more aware of your partner's experience begins with open and honest communication. If you're considering introducing a vibrator into your sexual relationship, it's essential to have a conversation about it. This might initially feel challenging, but remember that discussing your shared pleasure can lead to more open communication about your partner's desires and experiences.

If you're already comfortable using a vibrator on your own and want to integrate it into your relationship, suggest to your partner that you'd like to enhance their pleasure. It's crucial to dispel the misconception that introducing a vibrator implies any inadequacy on your part in inducing your partner's pleasure "on your own." Vibrators are not a substitute for human connection and intimacy during sex. Instead, they can be a playful addition to create new, shared experiences. Without human guidance, they're merely buzzing devices.

Exploring elements of domination and orgasm denial can be a way to enhance intimacy in your relationship. These activities involve maintaining a high level of arousal without reaching climax, which requires a significant level of trust in your partner.

When you're ready to incorporate these aspects into your intimate moments, it's essential to experiment with different vibrator settings, such as rumbly or buzzy, fast or slow. Ask your partner for feedback on what they like or dislike about it. You can then guide them on how to use the vibrator on you and demonstrate your preferred ways to experience pleasure. This process not only broadens your understanding of what feels pleasurable for both of you but also fosters mindfulness and awareness in the moment, deepening your connection and increasing intimacy.

Add newness and variety to your relationship

Diversify your sexual routine and keep things exciting with the help of sex toys; after all, they're aptly named "toys" for a reason. In the realm of kink, sexual activities are often referred to as "adult play," emphasizing the playful aspect that should be an integral part of sexual experiences. Injecting an element of fun, novelty, and variety into your bedroom escapades can preserve the spark of intimacy.

Incorporating vibrators can pave the way for further exploration and adventurous encounters. For instance, you can experiment with using your vibrator in different locations, be it in a public setting or the shower (just make sure it's completely waterproof).

BDSM is a realm that relies heavily on trust and care. If you're new to BDSM or looking to explore it further, incorporating vibrators can help you delve into this dynamic. Practices like domination and orgasm denial, where you maintain a heightened state of arousal without reaching climax, offer exceptional opportunities to enhance intimacy; it's essentially a profound act of placing trust in your partner's hands. With smart vibrators like Inyarose's G-Spot Bliss, you gain control over the intensity, pattern, and style of vibrations to dominate and edge your partner towards climax. Even forced orgasms, where a submissive partner endeavors to delay their climax while the dominant partner stimulates them in an attempt to induce orgasm, can be an extraordinary way to heighten intimacy, as it necessitates a significant degree of trust.

Increase intimacy

Embracing mutual pleasure, heightened sexual awareness, and an extra element of fun, the inclusion of a vibrator during sexual encounters has the potential to foster a deeper connection between partners. It conveys a message that you not only prioritize your own pleasure but are equally attentive to your partner's satisfaction.

Furthermore, you can elevate your dedication to exploring each other's desires by selecting a vibrator together. Opt for one that caters to both of your preferences and doesn't create any feelings of unease or intimidation in the bedroom. This collaborative endeavor can enhance your intimacy and foster a sense of shared exploration in your relationship.

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