talk about sex with your partner

How do you talk about sex with your partner?

Sex is the most intimate relationship between people, and like any other relationship, it requires mutual communication and understanding. In most cases, it only takes a look and a gesture to get the mood just right, and then everything falls into place. However, there are always situations where communication does not go well, so today let's talk about how to talk to your partner about sex.

What can be communicated with your partner?

For people who are used to maintaining a relatively fixed sex pattern with their partners, it seems that there is no need to communicate and exchange views on the matter of "sex". But the fact is that human sexual desire will last a lifetime, and the demand for sex will also change, so no matter what age, we always have a lot of things can be discussed with their sexual partners.

For example, how many of you know how your partner really feels about sex? For example, what sexual positions your partner prefers, if they are satisfied with the current frequency, What type of vibrator does your partner prefer?what needs are not being met, etc.?

If you don't know your partner well enough when it comes to sex, that means you really need to talk to each other more about your sexuality.

Talk about how you feel about sex.

Many people want to know, "How can you tell if your partner feels satisfied after a sexual encounter?" Some people may take orgasm as the only measure of satisfaction, but in fact, many women pretend to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable in bed in order to take care of their partner's emotions, and they pretend to have an orgasm, so this may not be what their partner really thinks. If you want to know how the other person really feels, it is not enough to just ask them "Are you comfortable" afterwards.

It's best to discard the simple conclusions you draw from her reactions to her words, expressions, voice, etc. and instead watch her body for heat and redness, wetness, etc. Because there's no way to fake these physical reactions and can give you clues about how she's really feeling. (Women can also make judgments from the state of the other guy's dick and sexual preferences, etc.)

Of course, these judgment methods may still be too subjective, want to get the real feedback, the easiest way is to have an in-depth communication with each other, together to talk about the current state of sex.

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Exploring some sexual techniques

Only you know your own body best, if you let your partner explore our own body without communication, then the other person may be a little lost, for example, there are many men who can't find the entrance during the first time sex. Want to skillfully use sexual techniques, then the partner's personal demonstration is very critical, through the exploration of the body together, not only can make each other have a better understanding of their own body, but also can make sex this thing become more comfortable.

Prevention or elimination of sexual disorders

It has been said that the best doctors for sexual disorders are yourself and your lover. When it comes to sex-related problems, such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation that may occur in men, and painful intercourse that may be experienced by girls, in addition to organic causes, in many ways they can be resolved by empathizing with each other and helping each other.

The Best Time to Communicate Sex

Expressing your needs is sometimes an important part of foreplay, so it's good to do it both before and after. If you have problems, such as the frequency of sex is not enough to satisfy you, or the skill of sex is not enough, it is more suitable to put it in the time afterward, which is called the "afterglow of sex".

This is because after making love, the body is called "love hormone" oxytocin levels will increase, can suppress negative emotions, reduce anxiety and fear, increase trust between the two sides, easier to solve the usual seemingly "tricky" problems.

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Tips for communicating "sex"?

Cue your partner in advance when expressing your needs

In general, it is important to know the wishes of the other person before sex. If you come across the other person who does not have much interest in sex today, and rashly make demands on the other person in bed, then there is a good chance that you will be rejected in various forms.

Testing each other's ideas a few hours in advance is often just the right thing to do, and if the other person clicks with you, then even an everyday act like taking a shower can be turned into a part of foreplay, both in terms of anticipation beforehand, and also during the process as the lines become more connected.

Use language to communicate

If not warmed up in advance, then the two people face to face communication "sex" this matter may seem too serious, especially in the chat about the problem is easy to accidentally turn into a direct mutual harm of the quarrel.

Error Demonstration❌:

Every time you're short, it's over before I get to you, and it feels like I'm a tool person!

Correct demonstration ✔:

There's a time difference between men and women in the matter of sexual pleasure, and I'd probably orgasm more easily if there was enough foreplay. (Or hint to each other~)

If you bluntly say "you suck" or "I'm not comfortable at all" it may hurt the other person's feelings, so pay attention to the way you express yourself when communicating, for example, use "I want to" or "I want " or other expressions to communicate with the other person. ......" or "I would like to ......" or other expressions to communicate with the other party, but will be better.

Communicate with body movements

There is no need to say much about physical cues, we should be very familiar with it, even if inexperienced, can be self-taught. However, body movements can communicate limited information, and there is a great deal of randomness, in the case of the other party is not prepared for the situation is likely to be ineffective, but some of the action on the cue and verbal communication as effective, for example:

  1. Wear a sexy piece of lingerie
  2. Bathing together
  3. Sleep naked together

Even if the intention to be intimate with the other person was not there in the moment when these things were done, these gestures do very easily ignite the other person's sexual desire and allow the two to go with the flow and start the next step.

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