Foreplay Ideas

10 Unconventional Foreplay Ideas

Foreplay is a necessity for perfect sex and is essential if you want to have a passionate relationship with your partner. Foreplay can often help your body turn on better in advance of intercourse, and foreplay can help you find your body's switches, ignite your libido, and take your sexual pleasure to new heights. In this article, I'm going to take you on a journey to explore all the different ways that foreplay can bring you more pleasure than you ever expected!

Sensory Deprivation

Sensual play is a very sexy form of foreplay, you can create an atmosphere of mystery by, for example, blindfolding each other, which makes each of your caresses and teases more elusive, which will greatly heighten the other person's perception of touch and build up the desire psychologically to increase sexual arousal. However, you need to communicate effectively and establish clear boundaries with each other when you start experimenting with this game.

Seeking Permission

Experimenting with BDSM play can also bring a lot of novelty to your intimacy with your partner, try having one person have to ask the other for permission to caress or be caressed, the pleasure of asking for permission can be tense and stimulating like nothing you have ever experienced before. Or you can try to make your partner silent during the teasing process and not make a sound, which can also enhance the teasing experience.

Scalp Massage

Foreplay doesn't need to focus on areas such as the genitals; massaging the scalp can be an exciting and pleasurable experience; our heads are full of nerve endings, so massaging the head is not only relaxing, but can also increase intimacy.

Tantric Breathing

Utilizing the power of Tantra, exchanging energy through the abdomen and breath, adding caresses and kisses during sex, along with the ebb and flow from the breath, to achieve psychological pleasure with your partner. This technique gives you the pleasure of delayed gratification, leading to a more violent orgasm.

Foreplay Ideas

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is also a great form of foreplay. Showing off your body in front of your partner and exploring sensitive areas of your body with them can increase intimacy and promote communication, and it's a great opportunity to discover each other's sexual preferences and introduce sex toys.

Sensual Body Mapping

Using your body as a map, applying pressure or touch to different parts of your partner's body and having them rate the sensations with numbers or colors to create a personalized map of pleasure will allow you to visualize sensitive areas of your body and learn more about your own body while igniting desire.

Cannabis Enhancements

A very interesting connection can be made between the pleasure of marijuana and sexual pleasure, and some studies have shown that marijuana is highly effective in relieving muscle tension, increasing libido, and improving orgasms. So try to incorporate the use of marijuana when you are intimate with your partner, and it's important to note that you should communicate with your partner well in advance to ensure their consent before using marijuana.

Erotic Games

Erotic games can add an element of excitement to sex, through these games can reduce the stress of intimacy and enhance the communication and exchange of ideas in each other's sex life, erotic games can help both partners to learn new skills and discover each other's unseen desires.

Dance of Desire

Dance is a powerful way to connect with your body, through the rhythm of music allows you and your partner to release repressed emotions through duo dancing, using body movements and dance moves to express desires and feelings to each other, dance can help you and your partner to build a deeper connection and pave the way for more exciting sex.

Assisted Stretching

Helping each other to stretch their muscles can also be part of foreplay, first of all stretching can help yourself and your partner to relax their muscles and touch each other's skin and intimate areas while stretching. This kind of physical contact creates a strong sensual stimulation, and stretching is very appropriate before or after sex.

Foreplay can not only help you and your partner to establish a more harmonious relationship can also help you get more pleasurable sexual pleasure and satisfaction, foreplay is like a door to the world of anticipation and desire, so that everyone can indulge in it and enjoy the pleasure of sex.

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