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Why Do So Many People Say Rabbit Vibrators Are The Best, I Think I Figure Out Why

Obviously everything in human society moves forward and sex toys are no exception. From stone dildos in ancient times to powered vibrators in recent times to the popular rabbit vibrator and the hot rose vibrator. Today we talk about the hottest selling sex toy besides the rose toy - the rabbit vibe. There are even slogans that every woman should own a rabbit vibe, does it live up to its name?

What Is Rabbit Vibe?

Wikipedia describes it very accurately. It is a sex toy powered by a vibrating motor, which is usually made in the shape of a penile shaft that can be inserted into the vagina to stimulate a woman's G-spot and can be used to stimulate the clitoris with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft. As its name suggests, the device's clitoral stimulator looks like a pair of rabbit ears, hence the name rabbit vibrator.

The History Of Rabbit Vibe

I like to start my research on something by exploring its history, and I find this helpful. The world's first rabbit vibe was released in 1984 by the Japanese company Vibratex, the same company from which the famous Magic Wand came. It's hard to imagine that 20 world's most iconic sex toy was invented to exploit a loophole in the law. At the time, Japan's obscenity laws prohibited the production of anatomically shaped penis sex toys, so as a workaround, animal-shaped vibrators were produced. In addition to the rabbit shape there were also kangaroo, beaver, and turtle shapes, but Vibratex chose to mass-produce and put them on sale because the rabbit shape was the cutest and most practical. Rumor has it that Vibratex chose to produce the "rabbit" because the rabbit is a mascot in Japan and in honor of ShayMartin, the founder of the Rabbit Vibrator, who was born in the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit.

The vibrator didn't sell like hotcakes when it was first released, but what made it a household name was the way it was intertwined with pop culture. The Sex and the City movie made the Bunny Vibrator a success, and the many cameos in the movie made this adorable vibrator memorable to viewers. The Sex and the City Bunny is not the same as the original Vibratex. With the popularity of the rabbit, imitations followed, so Vibratex upgraded the original by adding rotating pearls to the vibrator's shaft, and eventually the popular rabbit vibrator became the star of the movie, and with the movie's popularity and increased exposure, it certainly became the best advertisement for the rabbit vibrator.

Many had predicted that the craze for the rabbit vibrator would slowly fade over time, yet with all the talk about it over the past two decades, it seems that girls are no less passionate about it. Indeed, if it was just a vanity item, it might have faded into the public's memory after a burst of heat had passed, but this classic vibrator has brought women endless pleasure and fulfillment, and it has conquered almost all of them.

Five Reasons Why Rabbit Vibrations Are The Best

multiple stimuli

The most classic combination of stimulation, vaginal stimulation + clitoral stimulation, that's what the Bunny Vibe can give you. Although there are quite a few multi-stimulation sex toys on the market nowadays, 20 years ago it certainly seemed like the work of a talented designer. It always reaches your sensitive spots with precision, and the bunny ears always locate the position of your clitoris during vaginal penetration. The internal thrusting coupled with the external vibrations gives you a powerful stimulation both internally and externally.


Through the years, the bunny vibe has grown into a line. Just like having dildos of all shapes and sizes, it also comes with a very wide range of options, from sucking functions, to slapping functions, to writhing and thrusting bunny vibes. These different types are available to suit different preferences and most of the bunny vibes are now waterproof, which means you can hop in the shower for extra fun.

Rapid orgasm

Life in the 21st century is fast-paced, and even orgasms are so, with more and more people seeking quick orgasms. The rose toy, which has been on fire in recent years, is impressive precisely because of its ability to give fast orgasms, even overshadowing the rabbit vibe, but in fact the rabbit has been a highly effective orgasmic device that has been overlooked. Many women have orgasmed within minutes of using the rabbit for the first time, and compared to the quick orgasms of the rose toy the rabbit delivers longer lasting and mixed orgasms.


Even though the Bunny is a multi-functional vibrator, its maneuverability is very user-friendly, with no complicated buttons or complicated settings. It is uniquely designed to help you reach sensitive spots that you can't reach with your hands and dildos. You don't have to pay attention to anything else just focus on your pleasure and the rabbit vibrator will take care of the rest.

Have More Fun With Your Partner

We've always been an advocate of introducing sex toys to couples' beds. The rabbit is more than just a device to play with alone, you can also play with your partner during foreplay to bring some new elements to your intimate time. Additionally, many women are not able to reach orgasm during sex with their partner, in which case the rabbit vibrations can play a huge role in giving you constant stimulation and ultimately orgasm when your boyfriend is not in the best of shape. Similarly, the rabbit's vibrating properties can be used on the male body to tantalize him. In short, you can have more fun with your partner.

Find Your Rabbit Vibrator At Inyarose

Classic Female Rabbit Vibrator


This bunny has a classic look, and the black silicone with gold metallic sequins looks very luxurious. And it is designed with bumps on the insertion shaft to provide enhanced stimulation. With 10 carefully designed vibration modes to choose from, it offers a tailored experience to suit your every need. Discretion has also been taken into account, as it emits a noise level of less than 50dB, ensuring that your privacy is protected even in small spaces. The waterproof design makes cleaning easy and gives you a worry-free bath or shower.

Double Headed Stimulating Rabbit Vibrator

Double Headed Stimulating Rabbit Vibrator

This is a multi-functional rabbit vibration, in fact he is a combination of a wand and a rabbit. With the dual head design, it can be plugged in or used as a wand vibration. It has 2 separate motors and over 20 vibration modes to choose from. Capable of deep clitoral and G-spot stimulation, you can achieve intense orgasms in just a few minutes. In addition, the dual-head design makes it easy to share the fun, making perfect for couples who want to explore together.


At first people might have been greatly interested in the rabbit vibration out of pop culture, but later it was realized that it was designed very scientifically to give the expected output of pleasure. The rabbit has become almost a masterpiece of efficient and practical sex toys in the minds of the general public. Definitely it has become one of the most classic sex toys!

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