The Crucial Role of Feedback in Enhancing Intimacy

It is likely that most people will often assume that their partner understands their preferences, knows what is going on inside them or knows what they like during sex. But this assumption is not reliable, especially when developing an intimate relationship, you and your partner need to know what's really going on inside each other's mind more often through verbal or other forms of feedback.

Many studies have shown that effective communication and feedback can significantly impact relationship satisfaction and star satisfaction, and in this article I'll take you through why feedback is so important and how you can use it to take your relationship with your partner further.

The Value of Feedback in Sex and Relationships

Imagine two different scenarios in an intimate moment:

Scenario 1: During sex, your partner closes her eyes, doesn't say a word, and is so expressionless that you don't know if she's enjoying it or if she's just bored and wants you to get it over with?

Scenario 2: Your partner praises you for your movements and sexual skills, and actively cooperates with your every collision to make soulful moans, and they will use verbal or body language to guide you to tell you what they like when you don't do it well enough.

These two scenarios represent two very different kinds of partners, and if it were you, which one would you prefer to have? I don't think anyone would choose the first one, but if you have a second partner who provides you with positive feedback and responses during sex, I believe you'll be able to work harder and give it all you've got when it comes to sex.

Although not everyone starts out with smooth communication with their partner during sex, if you are brave enough to try to communicate with your partner, you can continue to develop a better feedback mechanism that will help you strengthen your emotional connection.

Why Constructive Feedback Matters

When providing feedback, you can't just provide positive feedback, some constructive criticism is also necessary. It's not easy to tell the other person what isn't working or what they're doing wrong. But saying exactly that has important implications for a healthy sexual relationship. Because everyone can't bring each other perfect sex every time, both positive feedback and criticism are helpful for intimacy.

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It is recommended that when voicing dissatisfaction or other opinions about the other person, you should start with the positive and say things other than mere criticism, such as "I don't like this," "It doesn't feel good," "Don't touch me there," and so on. Don't touch me there," and so on.

These words may make the other person feel uncomfortable or resentful, so my advice is to switch to a gentler way of speaking, such as "I prefer you on top", "Put your hand down a bit", etc. Remember that if something makes you feel uncomfortable or resentful, it is better to say it in a more gentle way.

Remember, if something is making you feel uncomfortable or in pain, it's important to communicate this in a timely manner. If you like the feeling of pain, that's another option.

Handling a Partner's Difficulty in Receiving Feedback

In the realm of sexual relationships, it is important to accept feedback, and every good relationship can't be achieved without both partners working together. Make sure that you have a period of communication after each sexual experience, and remember that feedback is not meant to hurt or attack each other, it is meant to increase affection and bonding.

Each person's body is unique, and you can't treat a new partner the same way you treated your former partner. Communicate more with your partner about your desires and thoughts about each other, and explore what is affecting the intimacy between you.

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