Keeping love fresh

How to make men linger? Keeping love fresh

Why is he always distant and close to me, making me feel difficult to grasp?

Why does love fade so easily?

How to keep love fresh?

How to make men interested in me?

I'm sure many women want to ask these questions, right? Love is not just hot-headed, not just love is good, but to add a little skill to do so.

As a woman, if you want a man's attention to remain on your body for a long time, you can also have some careful and small tips.

For example, you can use the "Proust effect" flexibly and correctly.

The so-called Proust effect emphasizes the effect of odors on people's cerebral cortex, which refers to the memories associated with a certain odor that will come to mind once it is smelled.

The most typical Proust effect is best reflected in his novels, in which he depicts the heroine as long as she eats a bite of Madeleine cake, the image of her childhood will come to mind.

It is true that many times, the smell touches our olfactory nerves through the nose, and the impact on us is very deep and strong.

Through this smell, we can associate a lot of things and we can form a lot of images in our mind related to it. These things, even those deep, forgotten memories in our minds.

In this case, a woman who wants a man to stay awake and not forget you, to be able to linger on you and not be able to stop.

Then it is a very important thing to make good use of the Proust effect, specifically, you can follow these practices.

Has a unique flavor

Since the most typical Proust effect is to stimulate memories and enthusiasm through fragrance, women can also use such fragrances to make men want to linger and linger.

For example, you can choose a perfume that suits you and spray it on the right spot when you first meet, so that men can be attracted to the fragrance once they get close to you.

So, when picking a perfume, it is best to choose a more unique flavor of perfume, one can be distinguished from others, the second can give yourself a unique taste and charm, this unique, it will be able to let men remember you at once.

Keeping love fresh

In this case, you can choose a sweet smelling perfume, after all, this perfume can make the mind feel sweet.

Whenever he smells this sweet scent, that will surface the sweet smell, which is a very good effect. And whenever he smells the sweet scent.

Then the mind must also be sweet you, and sweet love scenes, which for a man, but has a fatal attraction.

Show your charm

In love, this effect is not only reflected in the fragrance, but can be understood that men will only be attracted to what has happened, and will be attracted to those things that are more unique, more outstanding, more attractive.

In this case, it is a very good practice to show your charm in front of him.

You can freely show your beauty, show your talent and talk, and these, will certainly make men linger on you.

Because in their hearts, he will feel that you are so different, will only be impressed by you among the masses, and will always think of you, read you, and if you can make them hit this state, then you will be very successful.

As a woman, have a charm, so that men linger, is not a natural thing that happens, but on the contrary is also the need for women to use some careful, small means to achieve.

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