4 New Rose Toys, Rose Toys is back with a new twist

4 New Rose Toys, Rose Toys is back with a new twist

Do you like rose toys? With 170 million views of videos with the hashtag #rosetoy on TikTok in the first two years, people were overflowing with love for the rose vibrator. When the heat wore off, sales of this rose-shaped sex toy remained high. Despite this, we still find that many users seem to be a little tired of the monotonous features of the classic rose vibrator. So, today we've come knocking with 4 new rose toys to bring you a new experience.

Read on to find out what different magic these 4 new toys have to offer and why they're the best of their kind.

Refresher on Rose Toys

Hey newcomers, this part is for you. Our old friends are already very familiar with this rose-shaped pleasure device, but it's still worth it for you. Okay, without further ado, here we go.

The Rose toy first appeared in the public eye in 2020, but what really made it hot was the tons of positive user reviews that appeared on TikTok after 2021. They called Rose an efficient orgasm machine. In reality the Rose Toy is a clitoral sucking toy that quickly swept the internet for the intense pleasure it delivers and its innovative design and relatively low price.

After this rose toys became a new category like bunny vibrations and a wide variety of rose toys started appearing in the market. If you want to know more about the new rose toys for women, then you have come to the right place.

Tongue Licking Suction Rose Vibrator


This is an innovative product that completely revolutionizes your imagination of rose suckers. The powerful motor brings you 7 different tongue licking modes and you can customize your sensations to suit your needs. Whether you prefer gentle teasing or intense stimulation, this vibrator has you covered.


What makes this toy unique is its removable suction kit. When mounted this kit allows you to explore your nipples and other erogenous zones in addition to your clitoris, and it delivers a level of suction unmatched by other toys, and can even be used as a breast pump if kept airtight. When you remove the kit, the flexible, soft silicone tongue can focus on your clitoris, bringing you a sensation similar to oral sex. It's definitely a versatile companion for your intimate adventures. Let's also see what KiKi has to say about it below:

Red Rose G-spot Licker Vibrator

Those who love penetrative stimulation and clitoral stimulation will probably love it. Still continuing with the rose shape, the tongue function and thrusting function are combined to create this versatile vibrator.

Attractive features

At one end, the rose-shaped head caresses your clitoris in 7 tantalizing tongue-licking motions, providing intense external stimulation like never before. At the other end is a penetrating g-spot vibrator with 5 speeds and 5 thrusting modes for deep internal pleasure that will leave you breathless.

Easy use

It has a very simple design with two buttons to control the upper and lower motors. And this toy is waterproof with IPX7 rating, so you don't have to worry about it even if you use it in the bathroom, which makes cleaning easier. In addition it comes with a built-in lithium battery that can be recharged for use without the hassle of replacing batteries, and it can work continuously for more than 1 hour on a single charge.

Rose Tongue Vibrator Pleasure

This is also a multi-functional rose vibrator which has a very interesting design that works on both ends. Also equipped with dual motors, on top is a rose and interestingly in the middle of the rose extends a tongue, it is made of silicone very soft and it works to mimic the tongue licking action of oral sex. The other end looks like a small tail, it designs the vibrating egg as a bud that provides very powerful vibrations.



Functional parameters

  • With 9 vibrator modes and 9 tongue licking modes that can be switched at will to suit your preferences, it will definitely satisfy your needs.
  • It charges via usb magnet, which is very convenient, plus it lasts upwards of an hour (you don't actually need that long).
  • The maximum noise level is kept below 55 decibels to ensure that your private moments are not noticed.
  • IPX7 rated waterproof, you don't need to worry about cleaning, and it also adds new possibilities to your usage scenarios.
  • The entire body is wrapped in silicone, which is soft to the touch and enhances your experience.

Rose Anal Plug

Come and receive the most unusual rose toy of the day, our Rose Anal Plug. For adventurers who love the sensation of filling up in the anus, this one is made for you. Divided into three sizes, large, medium, and small, this is a set that will allow even anal toy novices to find the right size for them.

It is made of silicone and has a very delicate and smooth appearance which ensures smoothness during insertion. What we marvel at is the talent of the designer, at the bottom of each anal plug there is an openwork carved rose which looks very delicate and elegant. Imagine having a rose blossom on your ass while you're wearing it, wouldn't that be fun? Uh-huh.

Some Tips For Using Rose Toys

As with any sex toy, it must be cleaned before use, even if it's new, because of the possibility of contamination during production and packaging. For more information on cleaning rose toys check out our article here.

Ensuring that you are in a private space that is relatively quiet and undisturbed can greatly enhance your experience.

Familiarize yourself with the toy's functions and specifics of how to operate it before you begin, but of course rose anal plugs are not in this subcategory.

Use a lubricant, don't skip this step, lubricants play a big role in this, not only to reduce friction and improve comfort but also to avoid injuries.

Don't get distracted, focus on your body's response and if discomfort and pain occurs, try lowering the intensity. If the situation remains unchanged, discontinue use.

For more tips on how to use it check out our article: "Sensual Rose & Tongue Licking Rose: How to Use Rose Sex Toys".

Wrap Up

Let's be honest, there is never a lack of innovation in the realm of sex toys, especially when it comes to rose toys. While the classic rose sex toy has been a huge success, a few innovations based on it still give it a new lease of life.

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