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How to practice safe sex in different locations

Safeguarding Your Adventures in Diverse Locations

Many of us hold a list of locations where we desire to experience intimate moments. However, certain considerations are crucial, and we're here to provide guidance. Here are valuable insights for engaging in safe and enjoyable sexual experiences in various settings.

At the Beach

Fully prepared

While spontaneity can be thrilling, it's wise to be well-prepared for beach escapades. Bring essentials like towels, sunscreen (for daytime encounters), lubricant, and comfortable attire such as sundresses or loose shorts.

Being equipped helps prevent discomfort from sand and minimizes the risk of being caught engaging in oral activities. Attending to these details can make a significant difference.

Verification of legality

Engaging in beach sex might not align with local regulations, so it's advisable to double-check. Familiarize yourself with laws related to public intimacy. Consequences for public sex can vary, from minor penalties in some areas to potential criminal charges in others. Avoid any legal complications.

Selection of appropriate sites

Opt for privacy when considering beach rendezvous. Crowded public beaches aren't ideal, as they increase the likelihood of being discovered. Seek out secluded areas for a more intimate experience. Nighttime encounters can offer increased discretion.

Choose sand-friendly positions

Not all positions suit beach encounters due to the sandy terrain. To prevent sand from intruding, opt for positions that keep your intimate areas elevated from the ground.

Options like doggy style, spooning, and cowgirl are conducive to this objective. While the missionary position isn't recommended, you can still explore it with the aid of a sand-resistant blanket.

Prioritize Extended Foreplay

While private beach sex is undoubtedly exciting, imagine taking it up a notch with beach foreplay! The concept itself carries an appealing charm. Before delving into penetrative intercourse, dedicate time to intimately explore one another's bodies using a sand-resistant blanket or towels. Engaging in oral activities under the concealment of a blanket or towel can add a playful dimension.

Halt sex if sand intrudes

Here's a key rule: sand in your genital area means it's time to halt sexual activities. Proper preparation should minimize this concern, but unexpected situations can arise. If sand makes its way into sensitive areas, cease immediately and cleanse in the water. Avoid the risk of infections associated with beach encounters.

Maintain awareness of surroundings

Choose your beach sex spot thoughtfully, ensuring privacy and seclusion. Once you've found an isolated haven, inspect the area for cleanliness and a level surface. Remember to distance yourselves from the shoreline to prevent unexpected challenges from the tide.

Experiment with a unique beach twist

For those intrigued by beach sex but feeling a tad apprehensive—rest assured, it's natural to have reservations about public intimacy. To ease into the experience, why not incorporate interactive couples' toys? Consider the inya rose toy, allowing mutual masturbation in a discreet yet thrilling manner. This creative approach offers a playful escape from potential worries, especially if you're concerned about getting caught mid-action.

Stay composed if observed

Whether your beach escapade occurs under the stars or in daylight, encountering a passerby remains a possibility. Maintain your composure if this situation arises. A compact towel proves its worth here. Should someone approach, use the towel for cover and adopt a nonchalant attitude. For instance, if engaged in oral activity, pause and rest your head on your partner's abdomen or thigh. If in the midst of penetrative intercourse, transition to a cuddling pose until the coast is clear.

Utilize the Ocean for Refreshment

After indulging in passionate beach sex as planned, why not take advantage of the nearby ocean to cool off? Check the water's conditions before entering, and use your towel for drying off. If the water seems unsafe, it's best to skip this step. Consider showering upon returning home, whether solo or with your partner.

Engaging in beach sex can provide an exhilarating sense of liberation, but safety is paramount. By adhering to these guidelines, your daring beach escapade will proceed smoothly.

Opt for the Right Beach

Engaging in sexual activities on a well-frequented public beach, whether during the day or night, is not advisable—it could lead to unwanted exposure. Ideally, opt for secluded beach spots to ensure privacy. While daytime attempts are possible, nighttime experiences are recommended.

Choose Sand-Friendly Positions

Regrettably, not all sexual positions are suitable for beach encounters due to sand interference. To avoid discomfort, select positions that keep your genital area elevated from the sand. Options like doggy style, spooning, and cowgirl work well. If you have your heart set on the missionary position, bring a sand-resistant blanket to the rescue.

Prioritize Pre-Intercourse Play

While engaging in sex on a private and tranquil beach is a delight, imagine the added pleasure of indulging in foreplay against this backdrop. The concept is undeniably appealing. Before progressing to penetrative sex, invest time in mutual exploration beneath a sand-proof blanket or with towels. Engaging in oral activities concealed under a blanket or towel can provide ample enjoyment.

Cease Sexual Activity if Sand Gets In

This is a crucial point to remember. With proper preparation, encountering sand in your genital area should be avoidable. You possess all the necessary tools to prevent such an occurrence. Nonetheless, it's important to acknowledge that it might still happen, despite your readiness.

If you do happen to experience sand in your genital region, it's imperative to halt any ongoing activities. Stop immediately and rinse yourself in the water to cleanse the affected area. The risk of infection from engaging in beach sex is something you want to avoid at all costs—this is not the intended outcome!

Time to Add Some Excitement

While we can't deny the thrill of engaging in public sexual activities, it's crucial to be aware that such actions can lead to legal consequences if caught. As much as public sex may sound appealing, ending up in actual legal trouble is definitely not the goal. So, exercise caution. If you're intrigued by the idea of public sex, here are a few locations you might consider exploring next.

Movie theaters

When it comes to movie theaters, the coming and going of numerous people means you should prioritize safety and cleanliness. If you find a suitable and hygienic spot, you can enjoy the cinematic experience from a different angle. Opt for a less busy weekday to venture to the back of the theater with your partner.

For those not yet ready for full-on sexual activities in a theater, you might want to try the OhMiBod Esca2 massager. This Bluetooth-enabled device can be controlled by your partner through the FeelConnect app.

Parking lot

Ah, the thrill of car sex! However, avoid choosing a completely deserted parking lot—opting for a dimly lit one strikes a balance between privacy and visibility. Ensure your parked car's doors are securely locked, and then let your desires run wild.

Music festival

Music festivals are characterized by high spirits and a carefree atmosphere, making them a prime environment for discreet public sexual encounters. Amid the energetic crowd, find a secluded spot to share intimate moments with your partner or a newfound acquaintance while a headlining band performs.

Remember, while the allure of public sex is undeniable, it's crucial to prioritize respect for both yourself and others, as well as legal boundaries.

Public restroom

From mall restrooms to bar facilities, engaging in public bathroom sex can be exhilarating. Opt for a stall with adequate space—avoid single stalls. As long as only one pair of feet is visible underneath (indicating one person is sitting on the toilet), you're in the clear.

Pro tip: Prioritize clean and safe stalls.

library sex


While libraries are meant for quiet reading and studying, why not spice things up a bit? Sneak away to a secluded area in the back for some daring fun.

Alternatively, during a study session with your partner, introduce a women's sex toy that your partner can control. This adds a kinky twist while staying within the library's guidelines!

Dim alleys

Engaging in sexual activities in dark alleys isn't everyone's cup of tea. If it's not your comfort zone, that's completely okay. However, for those seeking a boundary-pushing experience, a dim alley offers a perfect backdrop to intensify your sexual adventures.

Changing rooms

Imagine you and your partner sneaking into a mall's change room for some excitement. The key here is maintaining quietness to avoid getting caught. Alternatively, consider a twist: your partner stays outside the changing room, using interactive sex toys to tease you while you try on clothes. This adds a new layer of fun, experimenting with dom/sub dynamics in public.

While public sex can reignite the spark in your relationship, it's important to avoid unwanted attention. Beyond traditional penetration, incorporating discreet sex toys into your public escapades can amplify the experience.

The pool

An isolated pool invites a sensual encounter. Passionate kissing leads to exploration beneath the water, but there are essential considerations to bear in mind. Pools may seem refreshing, but they harbor germs and risks of infection. Water can wash away natural lubrication, potentially causing discomfort. Opting for sex near the pool or in the shower can provide a more comfortable and enticing experience.

The elevator

Picture this: you've been apart for too long, and desire takes over during a long elevator ride. While the idea is thrilling, it could go awry. Elevators might have security cameras, and unexpected interruptions can lead to embarrassing encounters. Instead, utilize elevator time for tantalizing teasing—whisper secrets, explore discreetly, and build anticipation for when you reach your destination.

Office sex

Office romances can be exciting, but office sex is a different story. Often portrayed glamorously, it presents practical challenges. Office spaces are seldom sanitized, and even private offices offer limited privacy. Sounds of intimacy can carry, risking awkward situations with coworkers. To avoid complications, exercise restraint or engage in discreet communication. Share suggestive messages or images to build anticipation, or plan an intimate rendezvous outside of the workplace.

Reflecting on these scenarios, remember that while desires drive us, sensibility should guide us. Experiences can be misleadingly portrayed by media, and some encounters should be approached with caution. By learning from our mistakes, we can navigate these sexual situations and ultimately enjoy fulfilling intimacy.

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